I do like winter skies




Dear reader,

The past 3 days the weather as been cold, bum biting cold but I like that. I have noticed birds pairing up. I watched beautiful starlings the colour green of their feathers always memorise me.


I stood watching the sun setting as the easterly wind wiped around me my cheeks stung and tears streamed down my face. I love feeling natures breath on me.

I saw the Kestrel again a wonderful aerialist I can not capture this great bird. I only have a basic phone which is old with a small camara. However it captures great skies and landscapes.

I waited for night-time to appear


The stile leading to my Healing Garden is still broke.


Been broke since October. I have asked CCBC for a kissing gate which would be a lot easier and less likely to be vandalised.


On my way home the ancient oak trees stood out in front of a winter sky



saw the heart of the tree too.


After all it is St Valentines Day.

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