Valentine’s Day My poem “Picking Damsons”




St Valentines Day 2013 at my favourite open mic Imp in Merthyr. Later I added the poem to my book of poems “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind” I love performing this poem I dance through it and I like that.

Picking Damsons 

Come pick Damsons with me

you be my Derby I will be your Joan.

We can take our time and stroll.

The tree is heavily laden

full and ready

for greedy hands to grab and pull.

We could have a picnic

hand in hand

fit like a glove.

My most divine

my bread and wine

dine me for all times.

Plump purple black

and sweet 

waiting for us to pick and eat.

We can gather time together

I will be your other half

you my bloke. 

Hands sticky the corner of our mouths

lipstick red our bellies fed

the fruity aroma inviting you in.

Hug hold 

you are my very own


will you always be mine.

After we could make jam or gin

keep for us to share

lets grow old together.

You be my man 

I will your wife 

for life.

What a day it would be

to pick Damsons with me. 

Poem written by Julie Ann Pritchard 2012


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