Butterfly Kisses, Healing Garden, Reviews and quotes 2016

Interviewed my Martin Locock from Spoken Word Wales in Victoria Park, Neath,  spring evening in April 2016. The interview is below.




I am the author of two poetry books “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind” 2014 and “Healing Garden” 2016.


The poetry in “Butterfly Kisses” was written about manipulation of the mind and confusing sex with love. However there are nature poems and the sexy poem Damsons.

My poem Ripe.


“I feel you, never see you.

You remind me how good I am not.

In the pit of my belly rising up through my being.

Burn into my veins, scorch my mind with negative thoughts.

You rape me of my voice, silence comes across as ignorance.

Kindness and sensitivity mistaken for weakness.

Eager to please ripe, easy for fucking.

Through the sheer weight of shame I am brought to my knees

You are called low self esteem.

In rawness I rose from the ugliness

through the emotional battlefield.

Treading carefully on the glass of my anxiety.

To freedom of being me


where I do not accept sex when I want love”

My poem

Butterfly Kisses

“Alluring, allusive, attracting

enticing, enchanting, encircling, entwining.

Butterfly Kisses softly mould

mouth to mouth movements.

Trembling, fluttering, caressing.

Fascinated, bewitched, enthralled, enraptured.

Bewilderd, bemused, mystified.

Confused, misled, deceived.

Bee sting thoughts of you

pierce my mind inflamed mind”

“Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind A beautiful uplifting collection of poetry thought-provoking descriptive and full of innuendos, Julie paints a picture of a world full of enchanting charismatic characters, both mythological and real. Her love of nature shines through”  D M Price

I perform poetry from memory

Performing at Dempsey’s Cardiff


Jemma Beggs 2014 “Julie Pritchard a passionate performer whose poems are full of strong visuals and raw emotions”

Chris Hall “Julie shows wonderful dancing delivery”

Performing at Murengher Newport

me performing at murrengher

March 2016 my second collection of my poem  “Healing Garden” This collection I combined nature with spiritualness while walking on and over my healing garden Gelligaer and Merthyr Common.

The photo on the front cover I took while out walking captured a double rainbow.



My poem “Forgotten”


Cloak of cold comfort

wrapped your indifference around me.

The grass and reeds whispered your last words

wanting the memory of you to cease to be

disappear into the clouds.

Ache of abandonment

deep sense of loss I have no closure.

Lay down naked in my thoughts

my skin soaks in your last touch”

poem 2010 Star Trails

2010 Star Trails

Black clear night stars looked down.

The cold air washed over us like an incoming tide.

Surrounded in silence suddenly

showers upon showers of

shinning arrows of silver

javelins of light.

disappeared into the earth.

Dusts of time floated

we held hands

as darkness flowed

through us

cloaked in an array

of soft white”

The poem 2010 I wrote after I witnessed my first meteorite storm.

Poem Midsummer’s night

“Clouds add colour to my sunrise

revealing pale pink and powder blue.

Magical mystical mother earth.

Orange orb roundness

embraces sun’s fullness.

Solstice, soothsayer diviner,

bringer of twilight enticing

fairies to come out to play.

Stretching light to another world

dragging darkness.

Luner moon silver ghost like

magnetic force bringer of tides.

Moths, bats, badgers, hedgehogs


the comforting sound of the owl.

Sheep’s eyes loom out, horses whinny and neigh

fox leaves its musty scent on the wind”

“Julie’s poetry is full of energy and compassion, and is a wonderful performer of her own work” Author and poet Mike Jenkins.

“Enjoyed your reading you are an accomplished performer of your words and I admire how you showed yourself in your life’s journey with us. Enjoying Healing Garden ” Playwright and poet Patrick Jones.

“They reflect the soul. I like the way you move from describing nature scene to spiritual” Spanish academic  Inaki Sanchez

“I am enjoying Healing’s freshness of your heart felt poems. You honour the place where you live. Which I believe is an essential thing for poetry” Poet  Jeremy Hooker.

“Julie’s second collection of poetry is an emotional journey inspired by nature and people. It is beautifully written and full of imagery” Poet and publisher Deborah Price

My friend bought “Healing Garden” for his father. Who  has Dementia. He told me his father reads “Healing Garden” several times a week along with 2 other books. This touched my soul.