About me and my poetry

unnamed murrengher (1)A self taught working class poet, born in Cardiff  raised and schooled in Ely, Later Penarth and now I live in the beautiful Rhymney Valley. I have four collections of my own poetry.

Butterfly kisses and A Bee Sting Mind’ 2014,

‘Healing Garden’ 2016, 

‘Spirit Cracked not Broken‘  2017.

‘Between Aurora and Twilight’ 2020

My first novel ‘Forbidden Love’ 2021

 Julie Pritchard launching her first novel titled ‘Forbidden Love’ | Facebook

Creator of Poetry open mic at the Capel. Bargoed CF81 8LW. Since 2014 and we meet on the first Monday of each month. I created and established Rhyme and Real Ale in Cardiff ( RARA for short) For two very long years. Chair person of ‘Rhymney Valley Lit & Art Fest’ 2014 – 2016. Chair of ‘Write on Writers’ writing group for 3 years.

For a year I ran a poetry workshop at Ashcroft House, residential all women addiction clinic Newport Road, Cardiff. I inspired the women to find their voice and to put their feelings into words. I also edited and helped to publish their anthology title ‘A is for Addicts.’ One of the best creative things I have ever done and I was so humbled. Sadly and unfortunately because of cut backs the center was closed.


Published many times in Red Poets magazine, couple of poems in Roundyhouse, many anthologies and art gallery’s In 2020 my poem Somali Woman and the Boy  published in anthology.

Tuesday October 5th, 2021 I will be reciting and performing my poetry at the Climbing Center Bedlinog.

Wednesday October 13th 2021 I will be reading from my novel titled ‘Forbidden Love’ at Roath and local History Society, St Edwards Church, Westville Road, Roath.

May 2021 I took part in the ‘Once Upon a Time in Ely’ project. I presented three video for Windsor Clive School, Ely. The school my mother and all her siblings attended but I attended St Francis RC School, Ely and the school my father went too. I performed from memory blackberry picking at Birdies Lane, Plymouth woods and the river Ely this river became my Barry Island with out the waves. Redhouse Farm Road, the Corporation depo and the dentist that was situated at Redhouse Farm. I spoke about the Caerau fort and Caerau woods. I really enjoyed taking part. Thank you to Story teller Cath Little.

In June my novel titled ‘Forbidden Love’ will be published. The novel that has taken me eight years to write titled ‘Forbidden Love’ is now published. An historical novel based on my grandparents. A tale of how love can conquer poverty, 1WW, Ireland’s War for Independence / Anglo Irish War, the Celtic sea and racism. I cover Ireland and Wales from 1890’s to 1978. I will be launching the novel on Saturday 3rd of July 2021, time 2pm to 4pm at ‘TARAGGAN Educational Gardens’ CF81 8QD.

Julie Pritchard launching her first novel titled ‘Forbidden Love’ | Facebook

Events 2019

July 28th Performed and read at a ‘Big Cheese event’  (The Fringe) Workingman’s Hall Caerphilly. The hall is a beautiful old building that needs money thrown at it to keep it alive.

Poetry Caerphilly Big Cheese 006
Poetry Caerphilly Big Cheese 007

Friday July  13th read and performed at The Soar Merthyr anti fascist event.

I was delighted to perform my epic poem titled ‘Pits to Parks’ from memory. Exploring narrative intervention in the climate change story centre for storytellers and the environment symposium. At the George Ewart Evans Story telling centre University of Glamorgan. Friday 12th April

Events 2018

Performing and reading my poetry at Cefn Glass Blackwood Monday 3rd December 2018.

14th October 2018

I am pleased to be reading and performing my poetry

at Ella Wilding art exhibition titled
‘Out of the Allotment’
A collection of work made featuring aspects of a local allotment landscape.
On Sunday October 14th at The Cwtsh in Newport.



Potting shed stands crooked was once green now flaking

the door creaks when opened.

Inside she breathes in him, sand, compost and terracotta.

Watering can, spade, fork are abandoned.

She remembers the time when the shed was gloss green

a place for everything and everything in its place.

Now his mind is in another world when he was child.

She holds his hand.

They walk to the greenhouse and the pungent aroma of tomatoes,

she turns and smiles he giggles.

Shall we pick the tomatoes now granddad?

By Julie Pritchard October 7th 2018.


Performing poetry Hope not Hate, Merthyr 16th June.

Performing at TARAGGAN, Friday July 20th.

My poem ‘Looms‘ was  published in a quilting exhibition,2018

My poem ‘The Gardener‘ published in TARAGGAN news letter, August 2018

Promoting and reading from ‘Spirit Cracked not Broken’ January 17th  at The Murengher Newport 2018

Murenger Poster 47 Pink (1)

I read on my own and it was a cracking night !!!!

NEW SCNB Front cover

Wonderful quote from Ian Thomas who was at my reading on Monday 7th August 2017 “A big thank you to Julie Pritchard who launched her new collection of poetry ‘ spirit cracked not broken’ in the capel in Bargoed tonight. Extremely powerful and moving , if art is meant to move you emotionally this succeeds big time, as a compliment the last time I felt similar feelings was after watching ken loaches film ‘ the wind shakes the barley’ in the cinema, Julie’s poetry is as Patrick Jones writes ‘so powerful. Raw. Honest’ thank you Julie

September 11th to September 15th walking Hadrian’s wall. I read

poetry at Florries on the Wall Bunkhouse Wednesday 13th September

September  1st TARAGGAN Bargoed CF81 8QD


Wednesday 25th October leading a walk and performing poetry around Caerphilly Castle for Stroke Association. A wonderful afternoon with Blackwood Stroke Association

Sunday August 13th Penrhys Rhondda. Performing “Dinosaurs Back” A poem I wrote many years ago. it was published in Red Poets magazine and in my second collection of poetry titled “Healing Garden”

Call of the Loon April 25th 2017

Saturday April 15th Poem published in Merthyr football club program called “First Half”

Events I have organised

Saturday July 1st I have organised a Landscape walk for artist and poets. I will be leading a 5 mile circular walk. Over meadows, down lanes and open moorland. Big skies, soft grasses, breathe in and become beautiful.

5 40am 6 mile walk 006

Friday June 30th organised event called Summer gathering of Poetry and Music at TARAGGAN I will be reading at this event too. Photo from last years RVLAF 2016.


Saturday June 24th Read poetry at Hope not Hate mental health event Imp Merthyr.

Wednesday 7th June read poetry at Nature Poetry event, Red House Merthyr

Thursday May 4th Reading and performing my poetry at Poems and Pints at the Little Cam, Neath.

Written a poem for Ystrad Mynach’s Quilters. Their event will be held at Llanciach on Bank holiday weekend.

My Poem Call of the Loons

Call of the Loon April 25th 2017

Saturday April 15th Poem published in Merthyr football club program called First Half

And the game was good Martyrs beat St Ives Cambridge 2 0!!!!!!!

Reading in my old town Cardiff Thursday April 20th at Cardiff Library.

Open Space 2017April-English (1)

Saturday 4th March I will be reading and performing my poetry at Brecon Women’s festival 3pm Brecon Market Hall.

Saturday 11th March I will be leading the Idris Davies walk for Fair-trade



Fairtrade campaigners, poets and walkers will be coming together on Saturday 11th March for a walk in the footsteps of legendary Rhymney poet Idris Davies.
The walk is part of the 2017 International Festival of Fair Trade Walks, which this year has “Literary Links” as its theme.
Walks include one in the footsteps of Wordsworth in the English Lake District, and one following a trail in Lebanon following the famous writers of Basinkta. The festival was launched in Wales on St David’s Day, with a Bananas and Bards walk in Swansea, which involved poets and Fairtrade supporters handing out free poetry books and Fairtrade food samples in the city centre.
Local writer Julie Ann Pritchard will be leading the walk. Known as The Walking Poet, Julie has pioneered a series of walks locally highlighting the landscapes of Valleys writers.
Phil Broadhurst from Fair Trade Ways Wales, who are overseeing the Welsh walks in the International Festival said : “I think Idris Davies would be proud to be involved in an international festival highlighting the need for people to support fair trading systems throughout the world. He was very much a man who understood issues of fairness and justice. He was also a truly great writer and so any opportunity to raise his profile with new generations is a good thing.”
The walk is open to everybody, with free Fairtrade bananas and chocolate, courtesy of the Co-Op, who are sponsoring the festival, being given to all walkers.
Meet at Rhymney Library from 10.30am for a 4 mile circular walk starting from Idris Davies’ home in Victoria Road, just by the library, at 11am.
An evening with The Red Poets and Guests
Join us for an evening with The Red Poets and guests on the 20th January. From 7-9pm it’ll be a night of eclectic, electrifying and exhilarating poetry and music.Tickets are £3 and limited so book early to avoid disappointment.The Red Poets are a ‘loose collective’ of writers from all over Wales, who come together to read and perform their work.The Red Poets and guests will be: Mike Jenkins, Julie Pritchard, Phil Knight, Des Mannay, Al Jones, Gemma Howell, Alun Rees, Rhys Milsom and singer Jamie Bevan.

I will be reading and performing poetry  at the Three Tuns Chepstow January 15th 2017


Leading Literature walks with Fair-trade Walking in Idris Davies foot steps Saturday March 11th

13th October 2016 I will be holding a workshop and performing my poetry at  CMG Peace and Positivity Festival. 


On tour with the Red Poets Swansea Wednesday October 5th

Performing in Carmarthen Monday 24th October.


Red House Merthyr November 2nd Poetry in memory of Aberfan  

2016 Thursday September 1st I visited The Little Cam in Neath run by the wonderful Aida Birch if you click on the web www.chevalwriters.org.uk Look at events and section 9 September 2nd reader. It is a wonderful grass-roots open mic with very talented people.

My poem Leila published in 2016 Red Poets magazine.


Reviews on Healing Garden

Jim Davies Red Poets reviewer gave me a wonderful review on my latest collection Healing Garden.

“Healing Garden” by Julie Ann Pritchard (BBTS.2016)

“Julie is a great favourite at the Imp Merthyr. We love her singing her graceful movements and her passionate words I welcome this chance to comment on her new book”

Now why would one walk year upon year in all seasons and all weathers around the Common above  your valley’s village? Julie does that; not to walk the dog or keep fit or names the mosses. Nor is it to worship God; never mentioned even on Christmas day tramp.

But he/she (some deity) does seep into her Bargoed hinterland of green pastures, purple headed hills….. and a Celtic Cross.

Around 1750 in a valley or so to the north William Williams (wrote in Welsh) of the “crystal fountain” and its “healing streams”

In this collection  Julie writes of the therapeutic qualities of her own moorland that relieve her stress and make her whole: the soft turf, the unruffled sheep, the windblown wildlife and the lashing rain. And this is her healing place, she acknowledges the great calm of isolation whilst also enjoying brief exchanges with the occasional local person.

I walk on your

soft grasses

you move me

to a serene place

(Extract taken from poem “Return”)

Red Kite floats on high

below a murder of crows

Screeching squawking warning the

red, rouged beauty.

(Verse taken from poem “Ancient Pagan”) 

Now the Healing Garden is ten miles by 2, so what Julie’s inner garden? Her heart and soul? Her neural seat of memory and emotions, her Hippocampus less than a thimble in size which receives new daily assaults and trauma from her past.

“Broken shards of trust splinter my thoughts

I miss my inner being my true core”

(A line from Humanity)

“Ache of abandonment

deep sense of loss I have no closure”

(Line from Forgotten)

“She goes to the pinny and breathes in her grandmother”

(Poem Pinny)

If you neglect your inner garden

and rake over the past

seeds of doubt will grow

(Extract taken from poem Healing Garden)

From the walking poet, the chronicler of the Gelligaer Common, the healer of broken hearts, the Healing Garden is your must read for 2016


Read and performed poetry at Ashcroft House opening Day Wednesday 20th July 2016

July 2nd 2016 Performing my story called “Griffin” at Rhymney Valley Literature and Arts Festival in July. It is a wonderful experience to let your imagination take you on a journey.


This years RVLAF was very successful better than last years. This year I introduced a poetry competition called John Tripp and Idris Davies poetry competition. We had many who entered. My friend Debbie Price and myself judged to competition. It was hard because we wanted everyone to win. I helped to edit the book along with Debbie.


Some of the moments captured at RVLAF 2016


Mike Jenkins, myself and Andrew Bartz were filmed by Red Poet photographer Al Jones for The Red Poet event at the Merthyr Rising. Where I performed with other true Red Poets Phil Knight, Tim Richards, Debbie Price, Phil Howells, Hugh Pudner and his wife Heather and John Williams.

Film from Merthyr Rising 2016 Filmed by genius Ian Tog Jenkins

June 2016 took part in Coleridge in Wales event organised by Richard Parry. I am performing in front of a good audience (children gulp) at TARAGGAN.


May 2016 To commemorate in anniversary of the Easter uprising. I performed my poems “Story Teller of Ireland” and “Christina” outside the Welsh Office in Cardiff.





February 2016 Newport my poem “Two Faces of Friars Walk” was published at art exhibition Cwtsh Newport.

My poem Two Faces of Friars WalkDSC_8187EdTxtLR (1)

Interviewed my Martin Locock from Spoken Word Wales in Victoria Park, Neath,  spring evening in April 2016. The interview is below.http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/sww009-julie-ann-pritchard_78713

Reviews of Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind

“Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind a beautiful uplifting collection of poetry thought- provoking descriptive and full of innuendos. Julie paints a picture of a world full of enchanting charismatic characters, both mythological and real. Her love of nature shines through”

DM Price.

More reviews on my performance

“Julie Pritchard a passionate performer whose poems are full of strong visuals and raw emotions”

Sabotage Magazine Jemma Beggs 2014

Chris Hall from Hen and Chick 

“Julie shows wonderful dancing delivery”

Hen and Chicks (1).JPG

March 2016 my second collection of my poem  “Healing Garden” This collection I combined nature with spiritualness while walking on and over my healing garden Gelligaer and Merthyr Common.

The photo on the front cover I took while out walking captured a double rainbow.



Reviews on Healing Garden

“Enjoy your reading you are an accomplished performer of your words and I admire how you showed yourself in your life’s journey with us. Enjoying “Healing Garden” Playwright and poet Patrick Jones

“The poems in “Healing Garden” reflect the soul and I like the way you move from describing nature scenes to spiritual”

Spanish academic Inaki Sanchez

I enjoy Healing’s freshness of your heart-felt poems. You honour the place where you live. Which I believe is an essential thing for poetry”

Poet and Writer Jeremy Hooker

“Julie’s second collection of poetry is an emotional journey inspired by nature and people. It is beautifully written and full of imagery”

Poet and publisher Deborah Price

“Julie’s poetry is full of energy and compassion and is a wonderful performer of her work”

Author and poet Mike Jenkins

My friend bought Healing Garden for his father, who has Dementia. He told me his father reads “Healing Garden” several times a week along with two other books. This touched my soul


Helped to publish Capel Poets anthology along with Debbie Price  called                                  ‘A Not So Rare Bit’

1 BW with Border Cover version 4

Events and poetry 2016

My new collection of poems ‘Healing Garden’ out in February, 2016.

Front cover trial

I will be launching ‘Healing Garden’ Monday March 7th at the poetry event that I created and host Poetry open mic at the Capel Bargoed.

Will be promoting my book in open mic at the Imp Merthyr,

Murenger Newport, Hen and Chicks Abergavenny.

Also a poem published Two Faces of Frier’s Walk. Regarding Newport’s new shopping center Frier’s walk.

Another poem accepted into the Red Poets magazine.

Two poems published in Roundyhouse.

A lot of my work published in anthologies.

 My MP  bought my poem “Hustle and Bustle,” he bought my book “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind”

March 2015 Performed at the Hen and Chicks Abergavenny it was a great night and I sold copies “Butterfly Kisses and A Bee Sting Mind”.

scan0002 (3)

Sunday November 8th I performed “Spirit Cracked not Broken” at Bute town Art centre Cardiff. I performed from memory and used ribbon and a cracked mirror as props.


Set up a committee for next years Rhymney Valley Literature and Art Festival. The festival will take place first weekend in July.


After two years of hosting Rhyme and Real Ale I decided to give Rhyme and Real Ale back to the poets.


I helped to publish RARA’s 2nd anthology

Both photos were taken by me the one on the left is the tree I hug three four times a week. I caught a winter sunset behind an ink black bare tree. The one on the right is where I captured clouds adding colour to another winter sunset.


Performing throughout South East Wales.

Saturday 16th May Merthyr global village with poets from the Fireside.

30th May Merthyr 2015 rising event with Red poets.

11329858_10205375537202593_43709181681021931_n red poet and red flag


10171030_10205388969258386_6193332412885755327_n nice group photo

Monday 15th June 2015 Poets from the Fireside performed at Crosshands workingman’s club Carmarthen, with the Tin Plate poets a great evening.

I created Poetry from the Fireside now called Poetry Open Mic at the Capel.

Wednesday 24th June 2015 I read out my poem ‘Daughter of Gamblers’ at anti gambling conference in Cardiff. From this I began my writing work shop, at Ashcroft House, Newport Road, Cardiff.

July 24th 2015 I organised the first ever Literature and Music Festival in the Rhymney Valley

unnamedgood poster

Children from Bargoed and myself pointing to the John Tripp plaque that I had made and paid for. The photo touched me because children were involved and they are the Valleys future.

clare children (1)

Friday evening at TARAGGAN yes it rained but I brought candles, blankets, hope and love and it worked. Music, storytelling, poetry and children from the Gilfach housing estate came this was great.The very reason I organised the event was to reach out to the Valley community.


I created and host a poetry open mic called Rhyme and Real Ale, RARA for short.I  launched our first anthology, where I submitted two poems.


Thursday 9th April 2015. Read poetry  along side Mike Jenkins, Tony Curtis, and Nick Frisk. At the old gate of Cardiff City football club. In memory of the wonderful Cardiff poet and blue birds fan Danny Abse. I am a bluebirds fan myself and I read out my poem. “Wanting to be one of The Boys”


a true account of me being tom boy.


  2014 I perform at many open mic’s throughout South East Wales and the West Country. Just self published a book of my poems, titled ‘Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind’


  19th April 2014 my book of my poems, titled ‘Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind’  catalogued in libraries throughout Caerphilly Borough.


Modern Alchemist  invited me and other poets to write a piece of poetry or prose to a painting that they chose, I was give the painting Dub for Gold.


I wrote the poem “Carbon Copy” shortest poem I have ever written and the hardest too.


The event was called Solve et Coagula, it was at the Abacus, off Wood Street Cardiff, it was an amazing event.

20th August, took part in a concert organised by Poet, playwright, Patrick Jones, it was a concert for Gaza I read four poems and sang one song it was an amazing night.

August I set up a writing group called Write on Writers WOW for short. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

Published many times in Red Poets Magazine, Roundyhouse, I am not the Silent Poet, and many anthologies, Art galleries. My poem Peace was in an amazing  pro peace project organised by the artist Gus Payne Called. “Dream In flight” The event was at The Redhouse, Merthyr. My poem was in a recording and looped to follow the art, inside the conscientious objectors cell at The Red House Merthyr. Along with Johnathan Edwards, Mike Jenkins and Tim Richards poems.

Gustavius Payne Dreaming of Flight 163x112cm

Press Release Art Poetry 2014

Also another poem published in The 2014 Red Poets anthology “Dinosaur’s Back.”


The idea for the poem came from a conversation I over heard on a train Journey to Cardiff. I also have a poem published in The Red Poets 2015 anthology called The Poacher.

September 19th performed at Foxy’s In my old town of Penarth. I performed at Penarth Book Festival.

I Performed at Megaverse outside the Millennium Stadium at Cardiff Docks it was a great moment.


Read my pro peace poetry and sang with Patsy  we sang “The Green Fields of France” (The real vision not Joss Stones) at a pro peace event on Sunday 9th November 2014.


November 14th I  launched  my first collection titled ‘Butteffly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind’ at the Fireside Cafe, Bargoed.

From this I have created Poetry from the Fireside, we meet on the 1st Friday of each month. The reason why I lost this fab venue, the owners moved and the new owners wanted to charge £5 per person to use the cafe. No way I found another venue Capel Hotel, Bargoed and we are now called, Poetry open mic at the Capel.


 Read my collection of children’s poetry  out at a local primary school, St Gwladys, Bargoed. (I was a school governor 2000 – 2003) It was nerve-racking  because children are so honest but they trusted me and I made them laugh.

I am a Red Poet and we perform in  pubs in the Valleys, Cardiff and Swansea, we were at The  Castle Tredegar Wednesday November 26th. Grass roots are always the best roots.

December 20th, I took part in a anti UKIP event in Merthyr, it was a very good, non violent, successful happy event we even had clown.


In 2014, a happy moment, my poet friend Talha  was released, from an American prison an innocent man in every aspect.

942393_10152728038686726_1987312128808604151_n TALAH ASHEN

Sunday January 25th 2015 I performed my poetry at Scratch Platform 3 Four Bars at Dempseys.

Thursday February 26th 2015 I read and performed my poetry along side Poet and playwright Owen Sheers. At the Imp in Merthyr.


Friday March the 6th 2015 I organised a massive poetry event in my own town Bargoed. In memory of Bargoed born but Cardiff owned writer and poet John Tripp. Some photos of evening, Sally Roberts Jones a long life friend of John Tripp.


 Three poems published in Roundyhouse.

Poetry readings at Neath, Newport, Cardiff, Merthyr and Swansea. Reading at The Hen and Chicks in Abergavenny in September.

  Swansea 15th January, we The Red Poets are performing in the Oxfam shop.

23rd January, a great night at Foxy’s in Penarth I enjoy reading there it is a good audience.

 Performing at  “Scratch the Platform 3” this evening January 25th.

Scratch Platform 3 Welcome – word

Great night at Scratch the Platform 3, performed 3 poems and read three it was good to have a different audience to perform in front of 2 photos.

10944901_10153070099746241_1898825751_n (1)

Just had 3 poems accepted by “We are not the Silent poet” really pleased. I will be performing in Blackwood Friday February 20th

red poets stu


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  1. Wonderful Julie. It has been a great pleasure meeting you and getting to know you this year and thanks for all you inspiration and encouragement. So lovely to meet such and authentic and caring person and may your words reach far and wide to raise awareness of our beautiful land and planet which deserves peace. ☺happy new year

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