Are we sleep walking into being worked to death?

Dear women,

Are we sleep walking into being worked to death?

The Blair/ Brown Government decided that a state pension age fixed at 65 was no longer affordable or sustainable. Blair / Brown government introduced an increase in state Pension age to 66 years with 2007 Pension Act.

Tory / Lib Dem coalition took power and with the Pension Act 2011 accelerated the rise of the state pension age to 66 for both men and women. In 2014 the coalition government AGAIN accelerated the rise in the state pension age to 67.

I have worked mostly fulltime from 1977 to 2018, from 2018 to now I am part time. Also self employed since 2001. I discovered in 2018, when I phoned ‘Work and Pension’ that my state pension was already paid up and I will be entitled to a full state pension and I no longer need to pay a full stamp. However, because of the above I cannot touch my pension. Angry would be an understatement! I am fuming! Where is this money gone? I am not alone here there are thousands upon thousands who are the same age as me and in the same situation. What is this money being used for?

The retirement age in Russia is 63, France 62, Turkey 58, China 50. We talk of mental health, less stress! I am the first woman in my family on my mothers side to work to the age of 67! To me it is immoral for people to work beyond the age of 60!

Tories get away with this because there is no opposition and because of the weak opposition they will continue! The Tories now what to move the age to 68. PS Not all can afford to contribute to a private pension!

One good positive thing reaching the age of 60! I have a bus pass and yes I use it a lot! They talk about the environment and the many cars that are now on our roads, public transport is good. I also get half price train tickets too. On my bus journeys I have met many bus drivers from Somalia and other parts of Africa and we strike up wonderful conversations. All will be told in another blog.


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