My first collection of poetry “Butterfly Kisses and Bee Sting Mind”


Butterfly Kisses and Bee Sting Mind I wrote in 2013 and I self published and promoted the collection at the Imp in Merthyr. (Open mic nights – Noson Meic Agored. I was subsequently led to understand there were copyright issues with the cover image so I withdrew the original edition of the collection. I then went on to have Butterfly Kisses published with  BBTS publishers.


With the revamped collection I launched Butterfly Kisses at the Fireside Cafe, Bargoed, where I ran an poetry open mic.  Also read from Butterfly Kisses at the Hen and Chicks in Abergavenny. I have sold many copies of Butterfly Kisses. I am not sure how many on Amazon or other bookshops, I just do not chase these things up. Butterfly Kisses has been sold in UK, Spain, France and Canada.

The title Butterfly Kisses and Bee Sting Mind came to me in a dream and from there I began to write the 24 poems. The poems are mostly to do with manipulation of the mind and confusing sex with love. To allow someone to get inside your mind is truly exhilarating and wildly frightening at the same time. I lighten the tone of the collection with some poems on nature.

A few poems from my first collection “Butterfly Kisses and Bee Sting Mind”

Colours of Manipulation

I felt the love I had for you leave my very being

on this cold, bright blue sterile sky morning

Your love seeped out in hot salty tears

that came from a well of my broken heart.

It rose from my throat came out in gulps, sobs and sighs.

Your charismatic nature swept me far beyond sense and logic.

Your manipulation kissed my mind as I surrendered into you

and your many disguises.

I came to you gift wrapped in innocence and grace.

You unravelled me in put downs, spite and hate.

The core of my being has been bruised

for the animal in you attacked the inner child in me.

The love I felt for you has gone and I must move on.

To my journey back to me as I travel the path

of reflection and retrace my mistake

that led to the invite and the many colours I  saw in you.


Mapped blue veins bleed out of the outer bounds heart

layer of continuous skin takes your breath,

follow the curves of inner crevasses of softness.

Walk the back bone shoulder high, up the neck

a shaped face with luscious mouth watering sights.

Rosebud breasted tips,

waist deep in the bellied mound

open gate formed at the hips.

Taut thighs, kneed shaped, shinned calves

feet planted on solid ground.

Fruitful fertile mind, a soul that soars

love need to find its own contours.

I enjoy performing contours from memory!


Blue-bell Memory

Dancing to natures tune

moving their pale lilac heads

liken to a tingling bell.

The heavy scented aroma invites

and entices you to possess.

I kneel down, pull the sticky stems

out of mother earth, they slide

into my hands, bunches of them

lay like a baby across my arms.

Their pretty heads tickle my downy hair

I hurry home with my gift of plenty

to give to my mam.

She will put them in a jam jar

that has been idle since blackberry picking in the


I sniff the jar, the sweet fruity scent still lingers.

Now green stems stand with their purple heads

drooping in their sadness.

For they have been taken from

their habitat and put into mine.

Never allow anyone to walk through your mind with their dirty feet.




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