Launching “Healing Garden”

Monday March 7th I launched my new book of poems “Healing Garden” at the poetry open mic that I created and host Poetry open mic at the Capel.

My dear friend Dr Dai Williams who I have known for many years. From when I was a school Governor at St Gwladys school and Dr Dai was chair. He was also an active member of the debating group that I use to run. Dr Dai came to Rhyme and Real Ale at the beginning when we were at the Andrew Buchan he came for 6 months. He decided to leave and I respected his reasons. At my book launch Dr Dai spoke about me I did not know what was going to say. He spoke from the heart and it was humbling. He mentioned me creating RARA and he also gave his opinion on RARA. The opinion he gave was not mine.

My scouser friend (Ringo) Rae Jones played Spanish classical guitar for me. I read two poems and performed five poems. Tredegar born Poet and Playwright Patrick Jones came and he bought my book too. He told me it was one of the best performance he had seen. He later sent me a quote in an email.

“I enjoyed your reading you are an accomplished performer of your own words your poems were funny moving and provocative and gave me a lot to think about thank you. I am enjoying Healing Garden”

Red Poet and real gentleman John Davies very warmly said how I encouraged him out after five years of not going anyway this touched me. John is a fine poet. Along with Ann Harris and others. sold 18 books

Thursday 10th March

Noson Meic Agoed Merthyr. Imp my favourite open mic. Land lord Joseph and his wife Maryann always remember my name.

Another busy night my old poet friend came Chris O’Neill. He has been absent for too long. It was good to see others who I had not seen for a while. I Sold 17 books.

Mike Jenkins quote on the back of Healing Garden 

“Julie’s poetry is full of energy and compassion. She has contributed excellent poems to Red Poets magazine and is a wonderful performer of her work”

I have come a long way from when I attended Mike’s writing group.

Wednesday 16th March at The Murenger Newport. The land lord a real diamond geezer and nice bloke and who always remembers my name said “You are the headliner tonight” Good job I do not suffer with nerves and I am confident performer because I believe in my own work.

Good listeners at the Murenger. I performed and read from Healing Garden and because it was the day before St Patrick’s Day I performed my epic poem Story teller of Ireland. This poem is on a pub wall in Donegal. I sat with the wonderful gentleman and great poet Bernard Pearson. Bernard asked me why I left RARA. I thought that was strange. I told him I never left RARA I gave RARA to the open micer’s. I sold 7 books at the Murenger.

Alan Roderick a real gentleman and a very clever man said

“Enjoyed listening to you on the night as I know others did and I am looking forward to reliving your performance again through the pages of your book Healing Garden. I have heard you before of course but the longer stint you had this time as a headliner allowed you to shine more and brought out other aspects of your poetry I had not seen before”

I am at Stretford Manchester Sunday April 3rd and the Hen and Chicks Abergavenny Tuesday April 26th.

I also sold another 15 at my place of work and to friends.

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