It was 54 years ago today that Aberfan happened. I was school girl myself. I recall sat on the arm of my mothers chair we were both looking at the photos in the Echo, and both of us were crying. Four years ago I attended the 50th Anniversary of Aberfan at the Red House Merthyr. I read out my poem that I wrote titled “Above an Autumn Mist”

Above an Autumn Mist

Above an autumn mist

below slipped away to a flow slide tsunami

springs and streams flooded the houses and Taff

dividing the village of Aberfan

where the earth moved to bare hands.

Betrayal born of a miner’s son and robbed

by a lord from the national coal board.

Trees bloomed and blossom in the garden

where class rooms lay bare not to be forgotten.

Seeded fruitful planted to live on in our hearts.

Mam’s tears, dada’s sighs siblings grow old

yet they remain forever young.

Julie Pritchard

Somethings should never be forgotten and Aberfan should be remembered always.

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