Not fearing where I walk.

Photo of the path that I have walked for over 20 years. It is even pretty in the rain.

Sometimes I take the train to work and walk the cycling tracks and lanes. Tuesday 3rd September I got off the train at Hengoed and at 8 45am I walked up the cycling track, that leads to Bedlinog. Walking towards me was a tall, thin young man wearing bright red trainers, with white soles. As I drew near he sat on the wall that was once a halt. In his left hand he had a green plastic lighter in his right hand a spliff from the stench I knew it was skunk. (No I have never done drugs but I know what drugs are) As I walked alongside I spoke to the young man to show I was not afraid “Good Morning” he mumbled morning back. I walked past, heard the bird song, looked up at the canopy of trees and tried not to breathe in the skunk. My inner self told me to turn around. So I did. The young drug taker exposed himself and played with himself and laughed. I called him a F…ing pervert and quickly got off the cycling track.

At my place of work I phoned the police out of concern, not for me but that could have been an elderly or young person. Later the police informed me not to walk that route again. Please! I have walked through Europe, many coastal paths throughout Wales and England, Mountains North and South of Ireland and Hadrian’s wall alone. I replied no I will never stop walking that route.

I asked why is it accepted to smoke that stuff in public open spaces but not just in public places. I walk alone through country lanes and there are groups sat in cars stupified in the shit that they smoke. I look around me at nature and avoid their lifeless stares. The police reply they are short staffed .

I think on the young lad that was stoned how would he feel if he looked back at that incident sober. I would like to think he would be mortified.

For many days after this incident I allowed that young doped up man to walk through my mind with his dirty feet. My mother being in hospital and becoming seriously ill stopped the junkie from walking through my mind with his dirty feet. Anger was replaced by empathy and compassion.

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