Travelling on public transport.

Where I live is high up and exposed the front of the house faces east the back west. We have snow before anyone else and if we have icy conditions we have it  a lot worse.

I decided to leave the car and travel by public transport. Tuesday January 29th, I walked out wearing waterproofs hat, gloves and good walking boots ready for a down hill 1 mile walk to the train station. The air was damp but with an icy edge to it. Suddenly I began to slip I quickly steadied myself and carried on, then I slipped again. Black ice! I was surrounded by black ice. I took a deep breath and gingerly walked on the edge of the road, pavement and paths. I also warned others about the black ice. Caught the train to my place of work, I arrived at my destination and a mile walk to work along a cycle track that was empty of bikes, dog walkers and runners. Return journey home was all up hill but I felt good. I received three good mornings and had one chat. We had snow Tuesday afternoon and during the early hours of Wednesday. Wednesday 30th was icy and a sharp frost that left Arabic art on the back of cars. The roads were gritted thank you Caerphilly CCBC. Walked under a mile to my local train station Gilfach Fargoed Halt, Gilfach Fargoed Halt is the only train station that’s  situated in the middle of a country Park in whole of Wales. Today’s train journey was further and a longer walk to my place of work too. The park leading to my place of work was liken to Christmas cake white, with tufts of brown peaking through. Tits, robins, black birds were everywhere. The wind whipped at my face flushing my cheeks to bright red, I had five good mornings and to nods.

     Thursday 31st January I walked a mile to my place of work,  down an old lane I captured the hoar-frost and ice.

From here I had to get to my next job and this meant catching a bus  to Nelson, I did not catch a bus! A friend gave me a lift and  was I grateful? Yes because it was bone aching cold and heavy snow was due that day. I could smell snow and saw the sky change and the wind too. My return journey home I walked the back of Llancaiach Fawr to the bus stop, when I spotted a black landdrover leaving the manor house at Llancaiach Fawr. The driver stopped at the bus stop and offered me a lift. I refused and said I did not know him. He replied he was driving to Gelligear and could drop me off there. I took a deep breath and listened to my inner voice and my invoice said do not worry he is an honest man. Mark Evans was his name and he was a real gentleman, and he gave me a lift to within a mile from my home. Friday 1st February another train journey another mile in the snow but the roads were gritted and the trains were on time. I walked a mile and half to my place of work over the old viaduct at Hengoed and through a small wood. I had many hello’s and mornings, I also chatted with a cyclist on the train, yes a cyclist cycling in the snow.

Transport Wales who had recently taken over from Arriva trains were on time, the stations were gritted, staff were kind and the trains were cleaner. A guard at  Transport Wales told me that we will be having better trains soon. I found by using public transport I felt happier, fitter and it was good to talk with people I had never met before and I might continue with public transport.

A big thank you to Caerphilly CBC for the hard work at all hours and the gritting.

6 thoughts on “Travelling on public transport.”

  1. It’s been a lot colder over east Wales. We had a slight smattering yesterday morning and black ice mid week. I am having the FB debate with myself too especially as it looks like Instagram/Whatsapp and FB are merging into one platform. It is invasive and time wasting and I agree puts pressure on the young and vulnerable.

  2. You really did have snow much earlier than us, and you did well to walk/bus/train it to work with a couple of perfectly-timed offers of lifts, Julie. It was bitter but beautiful last week.

  3. Hi Kath thank you for your comments. It was bitter and beautiful but I love the cold clear skies and the biting north and east winds. May be I should move to colder climes like the North Pole or Alaska. x

  4. Hi Julie, 31st January I left the house at the unearthly hour of 0600. Having spent many years of working early mornings, travelling from Risca to Bristol, it was some considerable time ago, that I last saw an early frosted morning sunrise. The air that pinches the nostrils and pains the fingers were a distant memory. However, that particular morning I once again headed towards Bristol. M4 was crazily congested even at 06.15. My journey was uneventful, till the sun rise. Didn’t manage to take any pics (damn) but the colours were simply stunning, subtle, but stunning. Unlike so many journeys to Bristol in the past, I was actually looking forward to this trip, even at such an early time. I arrived at my destination in good time, thanked my good friend for driving me, and entered the revolving doors, which was the beginning of my onward journey. Forgot to mention I was heading for the Canadian sunshine, flying out of Bristol. 1st February was my 70th Birthday, which was rounded off quite nicely with a Welsh win against France. I missed the snow, the black ice and the crunching footsteps along the Sirhowy Valley Walk, so thank you for describing the event.

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