Shadows and Fox Prints

Sunday 3rd February I left the  house at 8am later than yesterday and the reason for this because it is bone aching cold and I needed the sun on my back. There was no wind and as the poet Christina Rossetti would say, the ground was hard as Iron. Snow still about and then the sun shone lighting up the beech trees.

shadows and fox prints 001.jpg

On to my open space beauty the reeds and the wild ponies.

Off the beaten track walking up a sunken lane.

Fox prints and mine.

Partly frozen pond with lots of bird life tits, blackbirds, thrushes, wrens. At the end of this month I will be buying a zoom lens camara and will be taking more photos of wildlife!

Ice cake view.


Never fear shadows this simply means there is light shining somewhere.

A wonderful four mile walk.

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