My thoughts on fakeness among nature.

Sunday May 20th 7 15am and realise it is not all about blue bells, there are buttercups, ragged robin, celandine and yellowing gorse. I think on Poetry and writing. I am back on the bicycle of words and now they wheel through the spokes of my mind and I peddle away into verse yea!

Saturday night May 19th John and I walked out to see the stars in person, we saw the old moon sitting in the lap of the young, pure joy! The night air was intoxicating and then the bats zig zagged before us, what a life hey!


Saturday 19th May and my  Grandparents wedding anniversary, Maggie and Dick married May 19th 1921. 7am I left the house wall to wall sunshine and a baby blue cloudless sky. I walked to the top of the common near Maerdy, I have my old Russian binoculars with me. It is such a different world through the lens of binoculars. I spied a buzzard being pursued by a crow, the buzzards under belly markings reminded me of an  Apache Indian outfit. Watched the beautiful long beak of the curlew, there were a pair and their haunting sound went straight to my soul. Then I heard  the cuckoo. I knew this crafty bird was near so I dropped down past the farm got out the binoculars and there in front of me,  with its beak opened wide Cuckooing away. I have heard the cuckoo for years but had never seen this cunning bird until now. Holding my breath trying to stop the bincs from shaking, it was breath-taking, suddenly another Cuckoo, two in one day, beggars belief. The cuckoo wacked the other cuckoo off the branch. What a comical sight.  The bird is at the top of the small middle tree.

Look the wild ponies are back.

Towards the farm I found these handsome brutes and where I sat and stared at the wonderful view.


On to the old Deri road and watch the swifts swirl, dive and dart about, caught skylark hovering and its liquid sound. Talking about cuckoos what did I see? A pair of meadow pipits. Yes that selfish bird the cuckoo, takes advantage of the small simple pipit and leaves its own behind IN THE PIPITS NEST. Above me on a post, the finch like corn bunting, do I live in paradise? Yes I do. I was at one and breathed deep and became beautiful.


Thursday 17th May Walked the road way to work and it was madness. The road leading to Llancaiach Fawr is dangerous, why CCBC can not create a path? is beyond me, there is space to create a bike and walk way. Anyway, waving my blue mans handkerchief to let car owners, lorry drivers and bus drivers know I am human and walking. No problem until a car driving who was driving towards Gelligear, with a load of wood that was once a  garden shed on top of his car. As he drew near the door from what was once a shed, flew off just missing me. I stopped and guided the traffic around the shed door while the driver tried to retrieve his loss and he did. I carry on walking and waving my blue mans hankie. a considerate car drive drove round me. ( In real life pedestrians have the right of way over cars) As the driver went round me, an impatience woman in a blue mini over took and just missed a lorry coming the other way. Still I carry on to my place of work. A  huge cement lorry was crawling up the road towards Gelligaer with a queue of good car drivers behind him. There are many blind spots on this road. The mad woman driving the blue mini, is coming back and yes foot down, she over took the 4 cars and the cement lorry and was heading towards my me. I screamed and swore and the cars beeped. She just missed me and the Asda lorry that was behind me.


Tuesday 15th May while walking before work in the beautiful woodland at Penallta Parc when I nearly trod on a small thrush fledgling, what a beaut! The fledgling tried to fly but to no avail. I guided the young bird to the a shrub area hoping its mam will find it


Tuesday evening May 15th walked to witness the sun setting just missed farmer John rounding up his sheep but caught them afterwards. I do like watching this very old tradition of rounding sheep. Farmer John is eighty and I wonder what will happen to his farm when he goes, to where we all go eventually. The evening sky and Farmer John.


Monday May 14th Went to the dentist to see the hygienist while in the waiting room, I turned the volume down on the day time television. I find it so vulgar to have a TV on in daytime. I spoke to a nice man named Eric. We spoke about music and people  and I told him that me and John dance to music on the weekend under the veranda. He told me he likes Owen Money radio program and the soft music he plays and now Eric is a widower he takes his wife’s photo and dances with her. Eric left and another patient  came in, a woman we chatted and she said it was refreshing to have a conversation because no one talks to you today. Those of you who have read last weeks blog would know about the dentist story. Kate the lovely hygienist told me I have flappy gums inherited from one of my parents and my age too. The lovely Kate used water to clean the pockets that have grown from my receding gums. Every thing is going south what I can I do? I know what I will do. I will not grow old gracefully! I will wear many  outlandish colours, always question things and remain a naughty outsider. I came away with another scale and polish my pockets empty and my purse too. Keep smiling, keep shining.

Monday took an evening stroll and caught the light between the beech trees and breathed deep and became beautiful.

We can make the world with our own thoughts.



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