Signs and Cries.


Saturday May 12th This morning I left the house at 7am, what a cold fresh morning, it was like walking into the sea. Photo of my special tree, for the past 26 years I have waved, winked, hugged, told all my sorrows and blown kisses to.


This tree was also on the front cover of RARA’s second poetry anthology, that I helped to edit in 2014.


The times I have tied my boot laces on the rock and keep forgetting  it is a fossil stoned in time.

Down the frost path where I bumped into an old neighbour which I knew as a boy. Chris Pizey, we chatted and it was good to see him.

Onto the Graig and the dragon’s breath making its way to Deri. What a view!

I saw Gatchie in the distance, his two dogs making circles of joy on the frosted grass.

Up to the rocks I hear farmer John giving orders to his dogs and cows. I breathe in the silage wonderful. splendid old gnarled tree and the view from the edge of the rocks.



I noticed last week a quietness hanging over the common, lambs are now separated from their Mams and gone to slaughter. Did you know the Ewe will cry for 24 hours sometimes more over the loss. I walked towards Cascade to see the swifts but I am ahead of myself, I am early though the swifts are here, but their chicks are still being developed. I saw this sign on the gate leading to Hospital Road, a very good sign, not sure if it would deter but you have to try. I have asked Caerphilly County Borough, to please put the same sign on the gate near Heol Ddu School. Just in case any flytippers are reading this blog. Sofa’s and mattress can be picked for FREE if  you phone CCBC!

I look towards the lane and beam a smile at this beautiful green canopy.


I and my friend Alma went to Talgarth walking festival, at Talgarth, what a lovely town Talgarth is. I had never been before and will visit again. We heard the very talented author Horatio Clare give a talk in the new school at Talgarth. We had a wonderful welcome and the view I had from where I sat lifted my spirits. I watched clouds casting shadows on the Brecon Beacons. Horatio Clare is not only a good writer, he is a real gentleman and spoke so well on his subject and it was refreshing to hear politeness in a man.

I walk many paths before I go to work and this beauty I found under the rock at Parc Penallta. Breathed in the bluebells and became beautiful and among the light and shade I forest bathed.

Went to my old town Cardiff and my fave bookshop Waterstones, to pick my Colin Thubron book “The Hills of Adonis” I saw the lovely Juliette Llewellyn we chatted sending Juliette positive vibes regarding her father. Also to hear Cardiff writer Peter Finch read from his latest Cardiff collection. Peter is good on what he writes about Cardiff past and present, his walks are good too. He was interviewed by John Gower, Peter was witty and informative and so was John Gower. I had the company of the lovely Kath Eastman. It was good to see Amy Wack, Norman Swenck, who I have known for years. Norman introduce me to granary bread back in 1988, when I lived in Penarth. Saw Clair Potter, Ifor Thomas and Mick Felton. A good evening well done Waterstones.

Visited the dentist for my six monthly appointment, where I have been a patient for 20 years, the Dentist told me I had a build up of plaque and he suggested the hygienist. I asked why? He replied “She can show you how to brush your teeth properly.” I looked puzzled. I am 57 years of age and I have not been brushing my teeth correctly after all theses years! I will inform you regarding what the hygienist has to say!

I am not keen on the television, I prefer the radio but of late there have been some good TV documentaries especially  BBC 2 “Civilisation”  and Simon Sharma “Story of the Jews” This beautiful program made me weep. Always remember and never forget the tragedy of the Jewish people.

I also watched BBC 4 “The Road to Palmyra” Dan Cruickshank and Don McCullin. This program ripped my heart out and threw it back broken. Syria, damask rose, herbed oil, is no longer the beauty of the desert.

War, War we never seemed to learn from the past and empires  like the one we once had, the Greek, Roman empires, do I need to go on? It is so obvious WAR does not work and sitting in a room with your hand on the joy stick of life called the DRONE adds distance from humanity, empathy, compassion and love. Please do not bring religion into this, leave religion at home where it should be, religion is a personal choice. If you knowly set out to kill,  it is called murder! Take religion out of schools, replace religion with philosophy and have children as young as  five debating. Greed and religion will always feed and breed a fanatic.

Those who have the power on greed sit like Greek gods and goddess on their fluffy pink clouds of hate, looking down on the masses and choosing who lives and who dies. Making life cheap that we forget the true value of how to live.

Kindness is the golden chain that links and makes a good community

World is a bridge do not build a house on it.

We do not own the world we are only passing through.

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