The name Rhossilli comes from Welsh word Rhos and means moorland, Silli from St Silli. Harry and I Walked towards Worms head, Worms Head consists of two islands inner head at outer head. I have never been on Worms Head. I spied Lundy Island in the distance I have visited Lundy many times.


We sat looking out to the Severn estuary I saw a Kestral hovering for its supper. What a beauty also saw  bull finches, pied wagtails and swifts. Tried to capture the Kestral but  the only camara I own is on my mobile phone because of the age of my phone (no internet either yea) I cannot zoom. The Kestral kept me entertained for 20 minutes.

Rhossilli Bay curves along  an arc and the  beach is 3 miles long. Behind the beach looming is the 193 metres Beacon.


I love the feathery cloud formation


I watched sun go down  very tranquil moment


Waited for the moon to spread its silver light and I was not disappointed


Following morning caught the sun rising


Walked the path along the Beacon to the dunes.


On to the beach and yes I went in for a swim but I was only  in the water for a short time it was very cold and the sand beneath my feet was soft too.


Stopped to see the wreck of the Helvetia. The Ocean stripped carcass of the Helvetia is still visible today




I love the Gower and I have walked the whole of the Gower peninsular.

The light at Rhossili is beautiful the sound of the waves fighting the tide is wonderful to listen too. To sit and be at one with yourself is truly spiritual.

More photos





Rhossili lies at the western end of the very beautiful Gower peninsula.

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