Taf Fechan

Taf Fachen means little Taf.


Harry and I started the walk from Cyfartha Castle Merthyr CF47

Took a right through the park, past a small wood out through the gates. towards Cyfartha Leat and Old Gurnos Tram Road. Cyfartha leat dates from 1792 and the Gurnos tramway 1825. Walking on past industry now turned to leisure

At the Gurnos tram road we took a right and walked on the old stone sleepers but the path soon became dappled and leafy.

(See the above photo, to your left the rock face that is part of the Gurnos quarry)

The Gurnos quarry face is well-developed with facies and coves maybe homes to bats.

Taf Fechan nature reserve is a sight of SSI. Is a 2.5km stretch of dramatic wooded limestone gorge cut by the river Taf Fechan. The nature reserve is between Cefn Coed and Pont Sarn. It lies on the eastern side of the popular Taff Trail.

I have cycled the 55 miles of the Taff Trail 3 times to have Pen Y Fan and Cornddu sitting on your right shoulder was a special moment.

At Taf Fechan there was a lush green open space that led to a narrow river path.



The river sang a wonderful lament that later turned into a dramatic opera

photo5506 photo5507

I saw the electric blue wing of the Kingfisher and watched the stately as a galleon the graceful heron.

Walked to Pont Sarn Bridge (Pont sarn hir) The bridge at the long paved road

I breathed in the Blue water.


Walked back from where we came and Harry found what we think  maybe a Boar’s tooth or something similar when I find out I will add the news to this blog.


The dappled light and shade is a poets paradise and a walkers delight.


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