Michael Faraday, Bats and silence

Dear Reader,

I do not do Christmas I do humanity, empathy, compassion all the year round. I celebrate winter a wonderful season. However, the weather for the best part of 5 weeks has been damp and wet with constant rain sometimes lashing down. I have not gone field or meadow walking for 4 weeks. I know in the North of England and Scotland the flooding has been terrible and I feel for them. I know I am being selfishness I miss my walks and clouds adding colour to sunrises and sunsets.


I think on where houses are built now in the UK and where rivers have been diverted. A lot of houses have been built on flood plains and near flood plains. Also gardens are disappearing, replaced by patio’s and decking. I live in a street of 12 house 11 of us still have gardens.

I do not think the climate has changed that much in my 54 years on this planet but buildings have and a lot of unnecessary energy is being wasted. Washing machines with 3 hour cycles, dishwashers that also have 3 hour cycles and cars have replaced walking. Most things are charged through plug sockets. Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction, the principle behind the electric transformer and generator thus allowing electricity to transform into technology. I wonder if Faraday came down today what would he have to say on the wastage of electricity. I often light candles for relaxation while listening to the radio. I still read real books and detest the television. I walk most days to my place of work or I catch the train. I wash clothes twice a week on a 40 minute cycle I do not own a dish washer and my heating only comes on if I need it. I did not know until recently that kitchens are fashionable too. Black and white is the latest. My kitchen is 18 years old and is a practical piece of good furniture that serves a good purpose.

Dear reader,

We also waste our inner energy. We are led to believe all that you see on TV is true even the soap operas. Rhetoric is used cleverly to manipulate you, the use of language be it in politics, news papers and other media too. FB is an awful place it is not a real place, some people have  feelings of being  deflated and depressed if they do not get enough likes or a smiley face. Some rant and rage hide behind a key board then hide for days in their shame. Knowing when to be quiet is an important learning curve. I use FB for events to gather people together to meet in the real world not the cyber world.

Retire into yourself but first be prepared to receive yourself there

We create our own world, we create our own happiness and misery, try being true to yourself for a change it is truly wonderful. Listen to bird song, the wind, the sea.  We all have a quiet place inside of us but are too scared to go there, frightened to let go of the babbling world of materialism.

Dear Reader,

Silence is wonderful to listen to. I often go into myself and recently I awoke early hours and I opened my bedroom window, a breeze floated in, I looked out and watched clouds scurry by when I noticed bats darting, zig zagging, they were hunting for the moths and insects that were being caressed by the heat of the street lamp. Then an owl tooted it was pure joy.

Turn down the noise and hear yourself think




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