I run a Poetry workshop.

Sensitive by nature not nature.


How I came to run a poetry workshop in an addiction clinic. I was invited by the “Living Room” to give a talk at an anti gambling event called “When the Luck Runs Out” In Cardiff back in June. I wrote a poem “Daughter of a Gambler” showing what is was like to have parents with addiction problem. Debbie Griffiths heard my poem and invited me to Ashcroft House, Newport Road, Cardiff. Ashcroft deal with Eating Disorders, Mental Health conditions, Substance Misuse, Alcohol  and Drug dependency. I did not know what to expect but my gut instinct told me all will be well. I met these beautiful broken woman and I was humbled. I introduced myself and read my poem.

“Daughter of an Addict”

When I finished this powerful poem some of the woman cried. I being of a sensitive nature thought I had upset them. One of the women…

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