Writings and misunderstandings.

Dear  reader

I am opening my blog with a quote from the poet Tagore

“Many people are able to speak about beautiful things

but only a few of them are able to listen

because listening requires mind power”

Since the age of five I have been an avid reader of many books, these books include the classics.I am also Dyslexic my mind sees images and not words. In school I astounded my teachers because my reading ability was way beyond my age, yet my handwriting was unreadable and my spelling was not good and still isn’t. I did not speak till the age of four. I had a speech impediment. I stammered to perfection and thumped my thigh in frustration. I saw a speech therapist when I was 12 years of age. I stammer now only when I am upset.In 1977 I left school without qualifications back then you could go from one job to the other. I gained three A’ Levels in my 40’s and poetry found me in 2006.

I use FB for events that I run, my photos and quotes. I use Twitter for politics, promoting events and quotes. I do not look upon FB as a place to communicate with others. I am not quick enough for this because my spellings gets in the way. Also I find FB a visceral place for being misunderstood I did not know there was etiquette in writing on FB  I wrote the word kindly in capitals on a poetry event that I created and hosted,for 20 months called, Rhyme and Real Ale. I used the word kindly without using any exclamation marks either. I used capitals to emphasise not to criticise. It beggar’s belief that you are accused of shouting because you use capitals. I was criticised in public for editing my own work, I am allowed to edit my own work on an event that  I created, Rhyme and Real. Some people use FB to communicate with others because it is on their phone, in their pocket, in their handbag, mostly in their hand. My internet access is in the corner of my study in my own home. I did not leave Rhyme and Real Ale because of this I left because I did not want to take Rhyme and Rea Ale any further. I have met some wonderful people along the way they were not just poets they were philosophers, some I am still in contact with. I created Rhyme and Real Ale to give others a platform, regardless of class, colour or creed. I sometimes sacrificed my own work as a  published performance poet, writer and walker.However, I have no regrets. Rhyme and Real Ale was a good teacher for me and I have learnt a lot from this.


I have created a poetry event in my town Bargoed called “Poetry from the Fireside” We meet on the first Friday of each month. The poets from the Fireside have a slot at the Merthyr Global village event we will be performing at the Soar Theatre on Saturday May 16th. We also have a slot in Carmarthen at the Tin Plate Poets June 15th.

I have organised Rhymney Valley’s first Literature, music and art festival. This will take place on Friday July 24th to Sunday July 26th. Poets from the Fireside have a slot too. The venues include a wonderful organic community allottments called TARAGGAN. An amphi theatre at Park Cwm Darran and at the Fireside Coffee Lounge Bargoed.

Clouds come floating into my life.

No longer to carry rain or usher storm

but to add colour to my sunset. 


It is good to talk but listening is good too.

 Post script

This blog has taken me over 2 hours to write.

2 thoughts on “Writings and misunderstandings.”

  1. Julie, it is really humbling and touching to understand more about you and your past. I thank you for Rhyme & Real Ale as it will always be the first time I ever stood up to perform my poetry. I’m grateful I had the opportunity. Now I am so excited to pursue more events in the future and I believe my confidence and the delivery of my poems are growing in strength each time. Thanks to you.

    Ryan 🙂 x

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