Family tree

It was an early spring morning in April 2010. I stood where you three lay the Sycamore tree towers above i did not plant the tree in your memory, It grew from a seed.Complaints were made so i decided to take the tree down. Black bird sang from a hedge behind me a woman sat on a bench in deep reflection coughed suddenly. The bow saw eased its way through the branches i breathed in the wood i spoke to you three as i sawed. The branches fall to the ground light spreads light i dragged the branches away tears began to fall and stain my cheeks my heart breaks because i think the tree is part of you three. I dumped the branches to the side i then walk back to where you three lay i saw through the bark saps of tears bleed from the tree. I fall on my knees and cradle the tree because i think it is part of you three. I wiped my eyes and nose in my sleeve pick myself up and with the saw in hands i move back and forth beads of sweat mixed in with my salt tears. The saw it plays a tune  that i can not describe a sob escapes from my throat as the tree gently falls i drag the tree to where the branches lay. A man attended to his wife’s grave says morning to me i can not speak for grief is caught in my throat so i politely nod he then says “i am glad the tree is being taken down” I advert my ears and eyes look they other way because  i think the tree is part of you three. I noticed what remains of the tree is formed in to three i stare let the tears fall as the sap leeks. I keep this part of tree in memory of you three.


Francis Michael Griffin died  November 18th 1978 aged 43

Suzanna Mary Bernardette Griffin  April 2nd 1979 aged 16

Sean Howard Patrick Griffin February 15th 1985 19

I had a plaque made with a poem i wrote inscribed

Your lives were entwined in ours

we will always be yours

and you three ours.

I often look and hold what remains of the tree because  i believe it is part of you three.

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