Monday May 12th Capturing Spring.


I have not been walking in my area since i got back from Spain.This morning i walked the country lane to Deri, this lane sits in the middle of many meadows and rolling fields.I have captured the Blackthorn tree in full blossom this beautiful tree gives me baskets of Sloes in Autumn.I carry on with my walk. Big skies look down clouds cast shadows on the ground. Sheep and lambs dot the fields with white. I have been a lone walker for many years and along the years i have made many friends. One is Clive Evans he is amazing in his late dotage he still runs every day. We chat for a while as swifts fly above us. I carry on towards the dam so i can listen out for the cuckoo. There i encounter my friend Lee, Lee is a great birdwatcher and a good teacher to learn from. We both heard the cuckoo at 9 32 am this morning. The sound of this bird fills my heart with joy. We chat then both spot a Kestrel flapping its wings above its prey. Lee tells me that the Kestral is having a bad time. Due to the wet weather voals are drowning in their habitat and the Kestrel feeds on the voal. We walk the lane together the sky larks sing their liquid tune and the morning sun warms our backs. He then informs me he saw a flock of Wheatear,last week in the newly ploughed field, i have never seen a Wheatear this birds plumage changes colour in Spring and autumn. From grey and a red breast to buff and brown. We depart by the old Roman training ground. I now have to steer a load of cows that have blocked the gate that i must walk through. “Cow up” i shout and they listen as i guide them to safety. I live in an area of open spaced beauty, that gives me so much happiness.  

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