Weekend Walking Pembokeshire Coast. Friday 28th February 2014

Left my beautiful Valley in cold wintry showers. Arrived at Carew Farm Bosherston at 3pm, greeted by the sun. Walked three miles to St Govern’s head. Up a lane of green, past Castle Martin MOD land I give a pacifist stare of contempt. I hear lambs bleating and spy a youngen teeting its mam.
Primrose’s are out in their natural habitat i let out a contented sigh. Past the sign for Bosherston Lilly Ponds. Wind as picked up reminded me it is still February. Cars are packed above a stunning view the song of the sea beckons me near. Down the steep, slate, steps to St Govern’s Chapel. Inside it is damp and dark yet i feel at one with nature. The view from what was a window is white and hypnotic and i am enthralled and let out a laugh, a laugh of wonder. Out on to the rocks sits an hermitage cell, surrounded by the sea which is singing loud, fast and furiously. I open my arms in delight, It is good to let the child out. Walking back the sun is setting over bare, barren, soaked fields. Creeking sound of the St Gorvan’s Inn enticing me in. Where a woodburner is letting it rip and the beer is waiting to be sipped. This was just the first day.


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