Walking with no phone camara Tuesday 18th March 2014

No evening walk today, so i walked alone with no phone camara. Weather cloudy and very windy reminded me of a beach in winter, I liked this weather. Walking 6 miles the lane way to the top of Deri, then on to Gelligaer Common and the Roman road back. I followed the dry stone wall that had stood the test of time. The bare, blackthorn tree, stare bleakly back, I smiled at them, for they are kind to me when I pick their fruit (Sloes)in the Autumn. I walked down to the dam sat on an old rock sticking out and reflected on the day. When i heard the wavering toot, toot of a Tawny Owl who had been disturbed from its sleep by the smaller birds foraging for food. I looked to the row of oak trees and watched a mouse like Nuthatch clinging easy to the big Oak tree using its tail for support, grey winged and red breasted. Spiraling around the trunk as it ascended searching the bark for insects. Once on top it flittered down to the base of another tree and started again this mesmerised me. The comical sound of teacher, teacher, came from the great tits. Above me floating and circling were three Buzzards spiraling higher and higher, then one swooped and dropped like a stone. Made my way to the top of Deri, turned left towards Gelligaer Common and open land. I spied two beautiful male Blackbirds pursuing an indifferent female. A Sparrow Hawk flew rapidly across a glade this was breath taking to watch. On to the old Roman Road where feets of history have walked. However, tracks of off rode bikes have scarred history. Gold finches flittered through the reeds and thistleheads filling the air with their liquid twittering and their rich red and bright yellow colour’s enchanted me.I bounced my way along the soft grass that had been kept short by the wild Welsh ponies. In the distance ink black on steel grey, a flock of Rooks gave me a wonderful display. I left over two hours ago taking the word love with me and what does love actually mean. My thoughts answered my question. Love is good but be careful where you place your love and never waste it.


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