Walking to New Tredegar and back. Tuesday 11th February. 2014

The walk starts at the bottom of Aberbargoed hill 1/4 mile from Bargoed train station. The walk is also a cycling track, not today the wild wintry weather is keeping people away. Sleet biting at my face stinging my eyes yet seconds later sleet as been replaced by sunshine and showers. The River Rhymney’s belly is swollen high and wide gathering nature’s waste along the way. A mist starts to form around the naked trees who now appear mystical. Birds flying about busying and bracing themselves for incoming storm. I am amazed by the view, the Valley is at its narrowest deep sides covered in purple heather and brown bracken embrace you cwtch you in. I look up and see a bird of prey being harassed by a murder of crows. The majestic buzzards just gracefully glides on not a care in the world.The walk to New Tedegar is normally a circular, i walk the cycle track then cross over below Brithdir and walk the river path. Due to the heavy rain fall i am walking back along the cycle track. Still the views touch my soul i am truly in love with nature.


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