Tuesday 11th March Llanfabon 5 mile circular. 2014

We met at 4 30pm In the car park of the Llanfabon Inn. RT led the walk me, Dan, Keith, Rob and Griff the dog followed.
The sun still shone making everything look fresh, spring is born. We walked up the lane opposite the pub, first right over a very old stone stile where many down the ages have climbed over.
Past a private house where we the public have open access. Friendly owners smiled and helped us on our way. Up on to open moorland past a farm house when the farmer came out to greet us and told us we were going the wrong way. He was wrong and RT was right.
Once on top we reached a B Road took a left and walked to the trig point, which was sadly laying on its side, know one knew why.
Night was saying good – bye to day, then we realised we were going the wrong way. This was fun and kept us on our toes. Rhymney Valley twinkled along with Merthyr Vale. We turned around and followed our tracks and took a right.The moon came out to play and brightened our way. I took this in and made me think of our ancestors who naturally walked by moonlight i found comfort in this. With the B Road behind us, we walked down a steep stony path that led to a brook which sang a lullaby for us. The Llanfabon Inn light displayed a welcome. It is worth the visit wood burner, real ales, friendly welcome. Take a look at the main door very old, many hands of time have pulled the latch and closed the door on the past and opened the future.

Prose written by Julie Pritchard 2014


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