Solva/ Solfach 2nd February. 2014

Wind was my enemy but later my friend walked on to the harbour at Solva, rain had ceased for a while, enough to let the sun shine above a blanket of cloud. Nodded to a dog walker who shouted “the wind is picking up”, “yes” i replied. Head bowed wrapped in water proofs the wind greeted me with a slap and hail stones beat my path for a short time. Up the coastal path towards Newgale. The ground was a mixture of mud, rock and shale i looked up to see a murder of crows, turning in and out, ink black on steel grey. Their display amazes me, i am the only spectator, yes i clap in delight. Up on top i look back at Solva sitting peacefully in many pastel colours surrounded by toffee brown mixture of sea and river. the ground beneath me is rugged and rocky the path in front reminds me of the path i walked to the summit of Mount Snowden, in 2009. The view was spectacular, vast sea with rocks jutted up then disappearing into a wave. What i enjoy about coastal walks you never know what is round the bend they say it is 7 miles from Solva to Newgale, yes it is in a straight line but add twist, bends, up and down paths and it is about ten miles. The weather was healthy and bracing, the sea sings a sea shanty for me. 4 miles in a shower pays me uninvited visit there was no shelter only bleakness and green grass. Wipe my nose and on i walk to find the rain clouds have moved on and a curtain of cloud opens my eyes to wild rugged West Wales. I see Newgale with its pebble defence wall which i do not like it is not pleasant to the eye. The Duke of Edinburgh pub sits behind. The wind was at my back and pushes me on, i slip and slide on the pebbled beach my knees tell my ankles to take a rest, my mind says with a pint of real ale, my heart sighs.


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