Saturday 22nd March 7 30am. Corn Ddu and Pe n Y Fan 2014

Walking alone, I left at 7 30am wrapped against the icy wind and small flurries of snow. The path is covered in large brown stones, and is unforgiving and ruthless, it takes your heart and lungs and throws them back with every step you take. Halfway up the weather changes dramatically. Wind screams in my left ear, which was protected by my 24 tog hat and a padded hood,still it is deafening. I no longer look up i just stare at my boots. While my nose and eyes stream liquid down my red frozen cheeks. At Corn Ddu the wind becomes my friend and pushed me along my way. Two people on a mission but not dressed for it overtake me. This does not bother me because i walked at my pace, but what offended me was the strong artifical stink of their overpowering deodorant it made the very cold, bracing air toxic. I have allergies to strong perfume, theirs nearly took my breath it was awful.Took the hardest route to Pen Y Fan half way up i changed my mind it was dangerous. So i slid down on my waterproof bum.On i trudged through snow and ice. The sun tried its best to light the way,to the top of this beautiful place. Where i have walked many times but not in this weather. Needs must i am walking over the Pyrenees at the end of April, so i need to train. Turned around and danced part of the way down, because of the ice it was they only way. Then it snowed along with hail stones that hurt and i mean that. It stopped me in my tracks i turned my back on natures sting. Wiped my nose and eyes when a group of walkers said hi i waved and smiled. The hailstones were behind them but in front of me. Descended the weather became a lot calmer my view brighter. Lots of people were dressed unprepared i warned some. “Up there is a lot different from down here”. To the car and heated seats now that’s what i call luxury.


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