Saturday 15th March Merthyr Tydfil Walk 7 miles 2014

Left Cyfartha Castle at 10am sun shone from a sea blue sky. North from the park gates across the road. On to the old tram road which led us to Taff Fechan Nature Reserve. Following the river past Alder trees that cloggers used to make clogs. To an open lime meadow, lots of butterflies and bees about, taking advantage of the spring warm weather.Up a steep hill on to the Morlais Heritage Trail. Following stones on which Tramway rails were laid on, to a steep path past the stone quarry to the remains of Morlais Castle. It was a good hard climb but it was worth to see the amazing views. Making our way down we called in the castle crypt, very dark and dramatic. Coming down was hard on the knees, across an open field and thick undergrowth, birds starting to pair up. To Vaynor Church i thought of my poet friend Chris Torrance who loved Vaynor. We went in to the very over grown grave yard where we looked at the headstones, Jamie who was leading the walk and who’s first language was Welsh, read the Welsh speaking headstones out to us. He said how poetic the Welsh language was compared to the English written headstone who’s written work was more biblical.
On to the Taff Trail where i noticed a nuthatch walking up the bark of an oak tree, i enjoy watching this bird. Back to where we started, Cyfartha Park which is now full to the brim with families and cars.We all bought ice cream on this wonderful warm spring afternoon.This was an very interesting walk, walking the social and industrial history of Merthyr.


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