Saturday 15th February, walking Trefil. 2014

Met a couple of Red Poet friends for a figure 8 walk around Trefil. We met at the rugby car park in Trefil. The weather was very wintry, sleet mixed in with rain. The path was tarmaced the views were stunning despite the weather. We walked past relics of old industry, on to open country which was bogged in peat, this tested our ankles, knees and hips. The wind howled as we walked towards the cairns that are dotted along the way. The first Cairn we came across seemed easy to climb, no it was arduous. Once on the top the wind nearly took me for a kite i resisted it took my breath instead. We sheltered there for a short while. Saw Mynydd Llangynider in the distance and behind snow swept Brecon Beacons. Big heavy laden grey leaded skies kept us company. Slipped our way down to where we started. Our face were wind-swept red but we were happy. We warmed ourselves in the Mountain Air pub.


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