Night walking 5 40pm 28th January. 2014

Out walking  up, down and along Llangattock Escarpment. The rain kept me company for the first mile as I sloshed along the grassy path, the path soon changed to boulder bedded, slippery and scary. The rain stopped the wind picked up clouds scattered and a blanket of stars spread out before me. My torch in hand because nightime came early, I shone my way gingerly, slipping and sliding. The surrounded hills and crags looked like dinosaurs backs in the dark. I shone my torch and could see the light colour of the Limestone looking mosaic in its pattern. Caves gorged in to the rocks, cliffs high above me. A white owl flew past and startled me, then it hooted to reassure me. Rain came back to keep me company as the stars waved goodnight behind a cloud. Head down backside up I slipped and slid then got up, finger nails encased in mud. Water proofs are not water proof now they are  soaking, sticking to me mingled with  my sweat. Breathlessly I reach the top, look back and see the lights of Crickhowel twinkling materialistically  in the distance the shadow of the Sugar Loaf.          I walked back to where I started on the old tram road, my feet walking on industrial history. I am happy, some may say i am  mad being off with the fairies is good.


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