Monday March 24th 6am. Walked to witness a sun rise. 2014

Up at 5 30am big bare sky greeted me. Walked through my favorite meadow on this cold frosty morning to capture a sunrise. The moorland was covered in frost not a sound except for the Sky Lark which mounted jerkily in the air as if pulled up by invisible thread it circled with fluttered wings for several minutes before silently dropping to earth. Its chirruping song brings a deep calm inside of me. I walked to St Gladys Cross which is situated high above Bargoed with its back to Deri. Watched the sun rise and witnessed its rays shine away the dawn,is a wonder to me. I could hear the ice cracking making tingling sound the Sky larks chirruping away. Then the Curlew made its beautiful rippling call, then the loud wild note curlew, curlew, from where it gets it name. I have no words to describe just feelings of happiness. Rays of light shone around St Gladys Cross, i am of no religion i believe religion is a personal thing and should be taught at home not in Schools. Philosophy is a far better subject to teach, i do not see anything wrong in questioning and seeking reason and debating your thoughts. I thanked nature for this beautiful moment, with a smile while my inner being sighed in contentment.


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