Garth Mountian 30th March 2014

Met with the boys, Andrew, Jamie and Gary. Left Taffs Well train station car park at 10am, walked over the railway bridge, into the village of Ffynnon Taf. Past the pub The Taffs Well Inn. first left over the serene, tranquil river Taf, up a flight of steps that take your breath. You come out on to a B road that is a very busy B road.Turn left at the Gwaelod Y Garth Inn where a small sign to guide us is embedded into the stone wall. Steep climb up past the smallest brewery in Wales with the best view. Take a right through a tree lined path, this path entices you in but it is a steep walk with stunning views to distract you. It is a beautiful spring morning if you look to your right you will catch River Taf winking at you and the Merthyr train line snaking its way to Cardiff. follow the path to the left and walk through farmers property, you are allowed it is a right away. I and the boys were accosted by a woman and two young girls telling us not to walk the lane way with out permission and you must walk through the field instead. (I have walked this route many times, once and only once i went through the field way and it was a nightmare. For the past ten years i have walked the lane way.) We nodded politely at our accosters and carried on our way. YES up the lane and to our surprise the lane as a lovely wooden finger post to guide us. Please if you are going to do this route please walk up the lane which is on your right as you leave the farmer’s property. Long steep climb to the top of Garth’s Spine but it is worth it,lots of Lambs teeting their mams some lost and bleated away in sorrow only to be reunited again i sighed with happiness the boys walked on waited very patiently for me.Took a right to the trig point. Where we sat, eat and enjoyed the view. Walked along the back of Garth with South Wales to our right and the beautiful Welsh Valleys to our left. Sky larks were every where they are a joy to watch and to listen too. took a left made our way down the steep path, the path you can see when you drive down Nant Garw hill. Yes our knees sang in pain but the surrounding beauty distracts you and this good. Called in for a coffee at the Gwaelod Y Garth Inn, a lovely place busy with meals for special mams it being mothering Sunday.


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