Caerphilly Mountain and the word compassionSaturday 29th March. 2014

Beautiful spring morning 5 mile walk up Caerphilly Mountain. Caerphilly mountain lies between my old town Cardiff and Caerphilly. At the southern edge of South Wales coal field it is 271 meters 880 ft. I walked alone and take the word compassion with me and its true meaning. I walked up from the Town center, past Caerphilly train station, up a steep street, half way up on the left was a large wooden gate with a small stone – walled entrance. A steep muddy incline a line of bare beech trees stood stately along the path. A blackbird sang to me. Due to the weather and the cyclist the path was very slippery but i liked the smack, smack sound of my leather walking boots as it hit the mud. Followed the path to the right my calf’s let me know how steep it was. The fir trees that are not indigenous to Britain reminded me of the Ardenne, then a gust of wind came calling through the trees it reminded me of waves coming ashore, shushing, shushing. Then a flash of fluorescent from above this scared me because i have nowhere to go and the path was very slippery. Slow down i shouted which he did as he drew near i said you are supposed to give way to pedestrians, obtusely he replied i am darling now f off not once but three times i was told to f off. What the middle – aged cyclist said stayed with me till i reached the top. Lots of cars parked and people strolling with their dogs. The enticing smell of onions frying beckons me near but i refused. across the busy mountain road to the path with its view of the Rhymney Valley on the right and Cardiff and Penarth head to the left. Cardiff was enshrouded in mist or was it pollution, on the Rhymney Valley side you could see for miles. To the trig points which i liked, the blocks of cement were our map markers. Sky larks came out to play it was lovely to watch and hear their liquid sound. Walked towards the Cardiff side across the busy road along another muddied cycle damaged path. This walk i have done many times but i have not walked this route for a year and i can see the difference in the paths that are used as cycle routes. They are badly damaged, that you no longer look to the spectacular view because all your concentration was taken up with mind to feet, keeping a steady footing and not falling. Also cyclist are becoming more aggressive quick to anger it takes away the peace and tranquility and replaces it with anxiety. Please i have said this before the cyclist is supposed to give way to the walker, wheelchair user and the parent with a pram or push chair. Show respect to nature and humanity. The word compassion, empathy towards others an emotion that we feel a response to the sufferings of others, that motivates a desire to help. Compassion as many aspects not just emotional, compassion threads to fairness, justice. Some cyclist should look up the word compassion or look to their inner being and seek compassion. Compassion can not be taught its part of all of us.I am Afraid an overflated ego, speed and materialism seems more important.


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