Kindness is the golden chain that society is bound.

I took this photo of Llangorse Lake in flood two years ago.

Friday 9th October I read and performed my poetry at TARAGGAN at an event organised by Platfform and Pathways titled Kindness in aid of #worldmentalhealthday. Where I met wonderful inspiring people. After I finished reading and performing, I gave coloured cards out to individuals and asked then to write on the card what Kindness meant to them. I took certain words like smile, cwtch and my own words and from this I composed the poem “Golden Chain of Kindness” I used a neckless as a metaphor.

Golden Chain of Kindness

Links a a smile from a stranger

cwtch from a friend,

a gentle hand on the shoulder

in times of sorrow and grief.

It is the silence you give to let other

in pain speak.

To know yourself and be true to you too.

To give and not count the cost.

Kindness is the golden chain

by which society is bound together

and clasped with LOVE.

Julie Pritchard

Throughout my life I have come across many acts of kindness some from strangers. While walking through Spain I was in Barcelona staying at a hostel in Las Rambles. I walked to a park with a beautiful fountain in the middle. I saw a man sat cross legged head like a walnut, large smile that showed discoloured broken teeth. He had many colourful bauble and beads. I thought he looked a character. and I was right he was a delightful man. He told me he was from Syria and we talked of the gas that was in Syria and how the West wanted the monopoly on this essential commodity. As I made my leave he held out his knarled hand, I raised my hand to shake his. When he placed turquoise bracelet and earrings in my palm. “This for you and your conversation” I replied “Shukraan” he said “Ah you know Arabic” I smiled only a small amount.

While out walking I often greet others, you never know how lonely people are, or if you are the only person they have spoken to that day or days.

I believe if we all wear the golden change of kindness compassion and empathy, there would be less greed, more peace and no wars.

Mental illness

My mother was fearful. I her eldest daughter observed her make the world with her own thoughts and her world was full of anxiety and terror. However when she was happy she sang like a bird loved herself more and inspired others. Sadly for her and us this was short lived.

My sister Suzie was 18 months younger than me and I knew from a young age she was different. Suzie attended a special needs school. She showed me the beauty there is in autism. I became her chief protector and bashed many ears at those who did not understand Suzie’s eccentric ways and in their ignorance called her awful names.

I believe that walking has many healthy benefits. Let your arms swing, your feet mirroring your positive thoughts. Let the wind play with your hair and allow birds to serenade you.

I am not naïve. I have a vast amount of experience of life. I lost have half of my family by the time I was 25. Through poverty I knew shame. Was homeless and made redundant four times.

To sit quietly, to read a book, watch clouds, hear your own breath. Is wonderful and a good feel factor.

To be kind gives you a beautiful glow in your heart and belly.

Never judge anyone you never know what paths they have walked.

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it”

Quote by Maya Angelou

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