My 4th collection titled “Between Aurora and Twilight”

Dear Reader,

My 4th collection titled “Between Aurora and Twilight” was published in May alas Covid19 is preventing me from promoting and reading from this collection. I do not like zoom or video, I like a gathering of people. “Between Aurora and Twilight” is not poetry but prose. Walks from childhood, walking through the seasons, my lone walks through France into Spain, Hadrian’s wall and other walks. I write on what I see and hear, my past and other thoughts.

Review from Author of “No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish” Ruby Lord

As I read the book it struck me what a beautiful world we live in. If we can walk outside, listen to the birds and watch the season’s change we get nearer to nature. With UK lockdown, we have the time to get to know our streets, lanes, roads, the areas we’ve taken for granted. Read this and touch nature’s images. Julie’s words stress the miracles around us in an almost religious way. When I read about walking Hadrian’s Wall in five days, I was so jealous; I had to go for a (short) walk. A lovely book interspersed with difficult lessons in her life. Reading, writing and walking takes us to the places no one else can reach. I had a great trip.

A review “Between Aurora and Twilight by Alys Parry author of “Call of the Mountain”

“Between Aurora and Twilight I liked very much made me happy and sad. Your images and the descriptive writing of your walks and your knowledge of nature, brought it alive for me and you are so brave and honest about your feelings.”

A review on “Between Aurora and Twilight” from writer and publisher Debbie Price.

“The Healing Power of Nature
A beautiful and descriptive account of walking with nature and fully appreciating every
moment. Although written in prose her poetic words capture the beauty of the countryside
she walks and the wildlife and characters she meets along the way. Injected within the text
are snippets of past traumas that impress upon the reader how being at one with nature
has helped her to heal. Her honesty is admirable, it is not easy to share bad things but
when you do, as she does, the burden lightens and allows the person to become less
vulnerable. In writing this the author is encouraging others to also use the natural world to

If you would like to buy a copy from me please contact me I can hand deliver throughout Caerphilly County.

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