Shopping locally.

I enjoy reading books and have done since a child, and I joined Ely (Cardiff) library aged seven, wanting to be with my new best friends, books! (I still belong to a library, Bargoed Library and a fab library too.) All though aged seven I had the reading age of a thirteen year old, so an avid reader from a young age. Today I live in the beautiful Rhymney Valley where our nearest book shop is ‘W H Smiths’, Caerphilly, a tiny bookshop with a massive post office! After Caerphilly the nearest bookshop was ‘W H Smith’, Merthyr alas the shop closed several years ago. Cardiff is the nearest place for a book shop. I have been buying books at ‘Waterstones’ for many years and belong to ‘Waterstones’ Book Group run by the talented Kath Eastman.

I have been listening to BBC Radio 4 Desert Islands discs for over 40 years and yesterday guest was the founder of ‘Waterston’s’, Tim Waterstones. While listening to Lauren Lavern and her guest I found out that when Tim Waterstones set up ‘Waterstones’ (after being sacked from W H Smiths) he deliberately would open his book shop next to local books shops that had been there for years. I was appalled that he did this and gave no regard to the established bookshop when it had to close! Years later the founder of ‘Waterstones’ sold ‘Waterstones’ to W H Smiths. I was astounded by this. Am I they only one that did not know that ‘Waterstones’ is owned by ‘W H Smiths’?

Sometimes I buy books from ‘Wordery’ and other books that are on Amazon. Not any longer! Over two weeks ago I ordered a book from ‘Wordery’ and was told that the book had been dispatched to the Royal mail and would be with me on 27th July. The 6th August still had not received the book. I went to tracking and was told the book had arrived. I emailed ‘Wordery’, (Really Amazon) and they responded in a nice email. That (Amazon) they could not understand where my book had got to and the said book is no longer in stock and they will give me a full refund without any investigation into where the book had disappeared to. Beggars belief I think the book was never in stock.

Some of you know I have left the Labour party and joined the Woodland trust. I have decided to shop with a local book shop, Chepstow Book shop ordered two books today and they will be with me on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Tim Waterstones did not manage to close local established Chepstow book shop. Thank goodness.

PS Pleased that my poem “Somali Woman and the Boy” will be published in Culture Matters anthology. Still waiting to hear about my novel “Maggie” The waiting game is a good teacher, teaching me patience.

Never judge a book by its cover.

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