Walking over old Ground and Empty Vessels make the loudest Noise.

Monday 25th March 8am I walked the route I used for when I was  training for Hadrian’s Wall Walk. ( I walked Hadrian’s Wall alone in September 2017) A sparkling bright cold morning and for company I had a  keen north wind. I followed a flock of goldfinches such a pretty bird, I spied two buzzards. In the distance wild ponies and horses dotted about and in a nearby field ewes fat with lambs. Head down against the strong north wind and made my way down the old Deri Road, due to the narrowness of the lane the wind was quiet. I sometimes perform my poems from memory and use walking in open spaces to practise. I am delighted to be performing my epic poem titled “Pits to Parks” from memory. Exploring narrative intervention in the climate change story centre for storytellers and the environment symposium. At the George Ewart Evans Story telling centre University of Glamorgan. Friday 12th April.  My epic poem “Pits to Parks” was published in the book “Our Black was our Valley” I began to recite to the robins, blackbirds, starling and bullfinches, to the trees coming into bloom, sheep and cattle, what an audience! Past the first four farms and open fields and where I began my assent and the view on top was breathtaking, Pen Y Fan in the distance.

I dropped down into Cwm Darran Park and made my way to the other side of the Valley past the farm where they have a white peacock for a guard dog. Off came my water proof coat,hat and gloves. Through an ancient forest and where I stopped to eat an apple, apple is the finest thing you can eat when out on a long walk, so refreshing and gives good energy.

I like singing when I walk too and as I approached the right of way I began to sing  ” The Green Fields of France”  “How do you do young Willie MacBride..” When I stopped and witnessed a ewe giving birth to twins, both popped out the one was unsteady the other began to teet its mam. I knew it was not my place to help the ewe and I walked past but kept looking back. She did go to the other lamb and I smiled and carried on singing. “Did you really believe that this war would end war…”

I think on Europe. I voted to remain in Europe and I was devastated when the vote was to leave but I accepted that the majority voted to leave and that we were leaving. Both side of the remain and leave told lies and I really believe people thought we would never vote to leave but they did. We live in democracy and the people voted to leave so we should leave but here we are listening to MP’s who are supposed be there for their constituencies, fighting with each other, he said she said spilling out onto FB, twitter, nasty newspapers that I would not wipe my nose in. Turn down the noise and hear yourself think. Two things people should be aware of, we were never going to leave without a deal this was hyped up by the press and social media. Second The Conservative party’s real  title is The Conservative and Union Party, hence the DUP will always back the Tories but not this time, despite the North of Ireland voting to remain in Europe, DUP have there own agenda and there agenda is suspect. I think all this rhetoric noise and slogan speak,  in newspapers, web pages, social media, it is drowning out what is real. We all need to take stock and think of the future for the young, the two generations behind mine. I voted to remain because I am European and I do not want the UK to become the 53rd state of America. Now that would be damaging!

Past the wind turbines their moving shadow unsettled me and their whosh, whosh sound was soft but did not sound right in the environment that I was walking in. I now have the wind behind me. down over the river Darran, through my secret meadow and back on top, I walked 12 miles. I was full of life and a suntan or could be wind burn?

Later I hear the vote that was taking place in the House of Commons that evening would not binding! There you go, wasting more time, wasting words and FB, News papers, twitter making a killing! The truth is out there somewhere lost in rhetoric!

Empty vessels make the loudest noise!


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