Taking myself on a long walk.

I do like a a good long walk 006

Those of you who know me know I am a keen walker and a happy lone walker and I need to walk every day to keep my mind-body and soul balanced.

I am so pleased the materialistic time of the year (which I refuse to take part in and to me the best gift you can give is your time) I call Yuletide is over and behind us! The weather over Yuletide was not good, damp with low mist and I did not see the horizon for 3 days. I live on a council estate facing east and on the side of Bargoed mountain in a beautiful area of outstanding beauty. I took short walks over Yuletide.

Thursday 27th December up early wearing decent weather walking clothes and good boots, recently polished. Apple, honey water man size hankie in my pocket, yes man size because the hankie is a mans size hankie. The sun did its best to rise leaving a lemon colour on a hopeful clear sky. Dampness still lingered, a robin sang and blue tits tweeted its “teacher teacher” sound, a green woodpecker looking startled flew out in a mad rush. Over Gelligaer common to the back of Llancaiach Fawr. I notice an old wall with a beautiful covering of moss, the moss on the wall gave colour to winter. I immersed my hands in the spongy substance and breathed in the aroma.

I do like a a good long walk 004 I breathed in the foliage and the wood, filling my senses and feeling good. Onto the path that leads to Bedlinog, a cement path that made my hips and knees sing a mad opera but to where I want to go this is the only path. It is full of dog walkers, cyclist and children’s laughter. Up over the Aberthaw to Bedlinog mineral railway line and into a deep silence, silence is wonderful to listen to. This part of the walk was a steep incline that made my heart beat fast in tune with my feet, I became hot and my face red so off came my waterproof. I sat and surveyed the view, sipped my honey water and ate my apple, the juice tickled my dry throat and a blackbird perched above and sang a wonderful note.

Wonderful view!

I do like a a good long walk 005.jpg

This steep walk brought me to the cross roads on top of Merthyr and Gelligaer common to my left Merthyr, to my right Gelligaer and to the east Bargoed. The silence has disappeared and been replaced by off-road bikers. I ignore the haters of nature who have no respect for walkers, wildlife, sheep and cattle. Cheap quick thrills that churn up the ancient land that is our heritage. It is illegal to ride off road and quad bikes on any land unless you have the owner’s permission and we have not given YOU our permission. What can you do when the whole of Merthyr and Gelligaer Common is policed by one warden.   I walk past the builders rumble, the plumbers rubbish, the householders waste. Yes, I have taken photos, highlighted this through blogs, emails and  phone calls, it is difficult for CCBC to deal with this and if or / when the powers to be close our refuse centers at Aberbargoed and Penallta, I do not know what the future holds for this ancient mystical land!

Looking towards Bargoed standing among the tracks left by haters of nature off, road bikers!


I drop down away from the noise and the stink of two-stroke oil. Suddenly a buzzard swooped low in front of me I stand still mouth open in delight. midges are about in the middle of December, beggars belief! I walk on the damp spongy back of the common. The sun struggles to shine yet, its rays create a pastel shaded sky, colours of pink, blue and apricot.

As I walk down to lower ground I walk among the wild strong, sturdy, colourful wild ponies and horses. The stench of gone off veg and hay left by  the ‘do gooders’ makes me nausea. The ‘do gooders’ who think the wild ponies and horses are starving and cold. NO! they are sturdy and have grazed on the this common land for centuries! ‘Do gooders’, you are taking away the free will of this wonderful beast and the natural scent of the common. Please go away and put your time and money to a project where it is most needed and wanted!

I stopped in my tracks and watch a red kite this majestic beast is a joy to watch. Crows and jackdaws give a beautiful display and I am sure they created a  heart shape for me but I am misty eyed and in love with this place and this maybe clouded my judgement. If the red kite, buzzard and others remain so can I, I bow and give thanks. As I walk away I think on time, my time, my precious time. I am two years off sixty and I need to be mindful where I use, and place my time.

Walked a 12 good miles, home to John, delicious food and a good book. Joy!

There comes a time when your world becomes quiet and the only sound is your beating heart.

2 thoughts on “Taking myself on a long walk.”

  1. Wonderful to read of our natural beauty, rants about nature haters and do gooders fully justified. Wishing you health and happiness 😊

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