Walking with my thoughts.


Out walking on the shortest day, the weather is cold and big clouds add colour to a sunset, the wind is keen and licks my face. I walk among the wild ponies and horses that have been here for hundred of years. They are eating grass, yes grass, not the hay that the ‘Do gooders’ bring because the ‘Do gooders’ think the wild horses and ponies are starving and are very cold! NO, they are not starving or cold they are sturdy animals who are used to the outdoors! STOP! taking their free will away with your selfish lack of compassion and empathy minds!

I follow a buzzard or is it following me, I notice the fields bare of sheep and cattle and Pen Y Fan winks from beneath a cloud. Crows and Jackdaws team up and give a wonderful display, ink black on steel grey.


Politics today is a shambles.

I have been politically savvy since  the 1960’s and I remember aged ten walking the streets of Ely with my MP at the time George Thomas shouting “Vote vote, vote for Georgie Thomas” I will never forget the three-day week, the power cuts, miners strikes. I took part in many marches against Thatcher, I resigned as a Labour Councillor over the invasion of Iraq. Today politics is a shambles a total shambles. I was one of the 48% who voted to remain in Europe. The UK is not the 53rd state of America we are European and you can never run a country with ANARCHY! The private American medical companies wait in the wings, watching like vultures to privatise our beloved NHS, while the shambolic parliament argue not debate, argue like children, because the power mad Prime Minister, the Anglican who must do her duty without a democratic vote. And then the man in question, Corbyn accused of calling the woman who appears to have taken leave of her senses “Stupid woman” no one questioned the word stupid only woman and people, strange!

Very sad times!  Those who voted to leave Europe were duped and lied to. DUP and may I remind the DUP, that the people in Northern Ireland voted to remain in Europe, like Scotland did but unlike the DUP, the SNP support their people. The DUP forget about the people and look after their own interest and their leader Arlene Foster is good at that!While the woman who appears to have taken leave of her senses dangles the carrot of the vote for me bribe of 60 billion to the DUP! Give Ireland back to the Irish and give us in the UK ‘A Peoples Vote’ Now that makes sense!

I prefer the radio to the television.

Out walking yesterday captured a lemon and charcoal sky and I thought on international author, medical doctor and  all round strong woman Nawel EI Saadawi on BBC radio 4’s ‘Today’ program. Her slot was cut because the woman who appears to have taken leave of her senses used the BBC as a platform to get her bully boy tactics regarding Europe out in the public domain. Nawel EL Saadawi made her feelings known about this to the presenter.

(BBC you are not here for the Tory Party you are here for the liseners and guests that you invite. We pay a licence, use our money where it should be used!)

Nawel spoke so passionate about the lack of peace in this world, wars in Syria, Yemen other places. I admire this life experienced woman who spoke a lot of sense.

I listened to the news on the radio regarding ADHAD. They were saying people who live in Shetland will be prescribed outdoor activities instead of medication these including children with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as ADHAD. I was astounded by this piece of news. Every child should be FREE to run about and behave like children and play outdoors. They need to release energy so they can grow  and thrive.

We make the world with our own thoughts.

Is mental illness the latest fashion? Both my parents suffered with mental illness, that grew into addiction. My dear deceased sister was autistic and went to a special needs school in the mid 60’s, my other sister is Schizophrenic. I lost the world in me in 2016 and I did not want to live. To me depression is liken to a sledgehammer, it  knocks out  wisdom, love, self-love and self belief and floors you that you cannot leave the safety of your bed. Panic attacks ghost you out, because sometimes we feel like strangers in our own world. I wrote about this in my last poetry collection titled “Spirit Cracked not Broken”

Grief,  heartbreak and some debt are all part of life, guilt, frustration, not fitting in is not mental illness.  Taking responsibility for your own action and your life is a wonderful cure. BBC Wales, interviewed a woman who could not afford sanitary towels, yet could buy foundation cream for her face because the foundation helped deal with her mental illness. To me any person who has a mental illness would never contemplate going on  the television and bearing all. The rise of dope, cannabis, skunk is an enemy to every young persons mind and can create mental illness.

Letting go of my poetry and talking more.

In November I read and performed my poetry at Cefn Glas in Blackwood and sold copies of my published work it was a great afternoon, not because of my poetry, because of the conversation that took place. From  this I will be going once a month to Cefn Glas, to walk down memory lane with wonderful life experienced people.

I have been walking with PhD Canadian student James, Sevitt I will be part of his thesis. We have been walking through the Rhymney Valley and Merthyr Vale. The walk mattered but the conversation mattered more.

I do not look at FB, Twitter or other social media as the real world, those who know me meet up with me in the real world and we talk over food or a walk.

I like winter the beautiful bonfire skies, the smells, the cold, biting wind and the dark nights, the toot and hoot of the owl. Winter food, John and I reading our books by candle light and at 4am seeing Venus shine from our bedroom window! Joy!

This is worth debating about in Parliament!

I heard the other day that  if we do not take heed regarding the environment and look after this beautiful blue planet.( That from a distance looks remarkable but if you look closer you see wars,  materialism that screams waste and hate and many acts of unkindness. People who find the world an evil place opt out and live in a drug fulled state) Within 12 years this beautiful place will rapidly deteriorate and there will be no going back!

Llangorse Lake December 2018, flooded but I managed to capture the beauty of the place.

“See the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour”

Poet and life philosopher William Blake.



Wishing you a thoughtful, peaceful and healthy 2019.

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