Racism is the Disease of the ignorant

I do not understand a racist or comprehend people who think the world is blue-eyed and white. Where I grew up 1960’s in Cardiff in the area of Ely, it was and still is multi cultural and I remember some of the Windrush men as bus drivers. My next door neighbours were from the West Indies, the music and food was out of this world. All my Catholic schooling was multi racial. When my Irish Grandmother had to leave her Ireland 1921 and came to Wales, she was greeted with No blacks, No dogs, No Irish. My Sister in law Yasmin, her parents were not British, her mother Julianne was Italian, her father Hamid was from Pakistan and they were beautiful hard-working people and their combined culture and cooking was wonderful too.

May is worse than Thatcher. I lived and worked under the Thatcher regime. I never thought there would be anyone worse than Thatcher. May lacks compassion, empathy, honesty and integrity. May alone gave permission for the papers of the people who spent the best part of their lives in UK to be destroyed. When I was writing my last collection of poetry titled “Spirit Cracked not Broken” I needed to see my own medical records. My medical records from 1961 to 1979 had been destroyed in the 1990’s, when paper medical notes were to be uploaded on to computers. Mine was thrown away by the private company who had the contract and I was devastated. This was insignificant compared to what happened to some of he beautiful people from the Windrush and others. It is unforgivable and apology is not enough. May says she is an Anglican a practising Christian. Please she was Home Secretary and she alone allowed the behaviour of those from Home Office, to instil fear and terror into people who have been here and worked here most of their lives. Amber Rudd is the scapegoat, May should go and go now and let’s have another election!

For the past week at 5am I have been woken by the loud singing of the tiny but beautiful, wren, followed by the symphony of the dawn chorus. The trees are budding and the flowers are blooming. I spied 3 Queen bees looking for appropriate nests.

Spring in green and petals of ice-cream cream and pink.

I do love the scent of lady smock and the colour of cowslips.

I walked through my secret meadow and saw the hobby again. I now know where the hobby is nesting but I will not tell where.

Sunday April 29th I left the house at 7 30am to wall to wall sunshine but this was deceiving, it was freezing. I was wrapped up for winter but the north wind still got through. I heard the cuckoo and 7 55am, saw a pair of red kites above floating, soaring looking for breakfast, and the lambs still teating their mams. The sound of the curlew and skylark filled my ears. I met my friend Clive, Clive is riddled with arthritis and still runs his way every day.

I watched “The Story of the Jews” by Simon Schama, the episode I watched was titled “Rainbow” I wept from a deep well of sadness. “The Story of the Jews” should be in every school throughout the world. Jeremy Corbyn who I met at the Nye Bevan Stones was accused of being anti-Semite. Jeremy wants Palestine to have a country of its own and there are many Jewish people who think like Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy also wants a united Ireland and so do I, does that make us IRA sympathisers? I DO NOT THINK SO!  Did you know? Chaim Herzog Israel president from 1983 – 1993 was born in Belfast and educated in Dublin, later immigrated to Palestine 1935.

Last week I spotted a double rainbow, I first saw a double rainbow when I walked the coast of Donegal 2013, the second time I was out walking when it began to rain, then sleet and hailstones that hurt, when suddenly out popped a double rainbow. I used the photo for the front cover of my collection of poetry titled “Healing Garden”  2016 published by BBTS Est. Feb 2012

Double rainbow after a storm.


Double rainbow from my front door.

The coast of Donegal

Saturday April 21st 7 am and a glorious morning wall to wall sunshine. I am going  out to hear the cuckoo, I say hear because I have never seen a cuckoo only heard the bird. I saw Gatchie and his happy  spaniel. I worked with Gatchie’s wife and we spoke about the Lapwing I saw the other day. He told me when he was younger there were loads of Lapwings on the common and if you drew near the adult bird, it would make out they had a broken wing, to direct you from their young. I noticed a grey BMW it had a broken wing mirror, the young man seemed to stare at me. He was parked where the skunk and cannabis smokers park, to smoke their crap and mess up their minds. I said goodbye to Gatchie. I  made my way to hear the cuckoo and at 7 35am I heard the cuckoo. When the young man in the grey BMW accosted me. I made small talk and walked on, he drove off and then came back stopped and spoke to me again he did this twice. I said “I am a woman on my own and you are making feel UNCOMFORTABLE!” He apologised and then asked me about his car and what I though of it. I pointed to farmer John’s farm and replied. “Mate I am calling at that farm there, now go away” I felt angry more than nervous and the reason being because of the way the law is relaxed over skunk and cannabis. I do not know if I am dealing with Dylan the rabbit character from “Magic Roundabout” or a psychopath. Did you know it is illegal to smoke cannabis and skunk  and drive a car. I made my way back home to where the swifts were waiting on the wire of anticipation and I welcomed them back from Africa.

That afternoon I went to a classical concert organised by Rhymney Valley Music Club. I listened to Laura Snowden a classical guitarist who teaches at the Yehudi Menuhin school. Laura played music from  John Dowland, Bach, Fernado Sor and Hector Vila Lobos. The funny side was, when Laura had finished John Dowland and was tuning up for Bach. I began to cough, a dry nasty cough. Bright red I left the room for the loo but when I turned the door handle it echoed and sounded like something from a horror film. Inside the loo was cold and I coughed more. I was so pleased when a baby with its Mam began to cry, then wail. Two suckie sweets and glass of water, I was fine embarrassed but fine.  Meeting up with two old friends Audrey and Mike Phillips and the talented 28-year-old Laura Snowden made up for the man in the BMW.

I had a set back this week at the age of 57 am I still too old to be naïve? I  am concerned when some people see my kindness and nativity as stupidity. I go to the deep well, the ancient well inside us all called wisdom, and I felt better but the situation left me with head cold and an infection.

I have organised a poetry and music night at TARAGGAN Friday July 20th. For the past 5 years I have organised a poetry and music night at this wonderful organic, open space oasis where swifts join in.

Recently I  found out that The Rhymney Brewery have bought the Capel and Claire Bennett who was the landlady is now the new landlady. I will open poetry open mic at the Capel in June or July. The event will not include paid guest readers and will never be on FB. All are welcome to share their words and music in a happy atmosphere.


I recall the day in 1981 when I found empathy. I and an ex boyfriend from Iraq and two friends from Iran and one from Syria went to see the film ‘Gandhi’ and we all cried over the film. It was a truly remarkable moment, and it taught me tears of empathy are world-wide.

The world is not a colour, or a religion.

kindness is the golden chain that keeps society together.

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