Spring is budding in the Rain

Dear reader,

As some of you know I am a keen walker and a lone wolf walker. For the past month I have taken to walking between my work  and it is really uplifting.  Bird song, smell of rain and the buds and flowers. However, sometimes I do not feel like it but I push myself because I feel really good and my mind is more positive in thought. It is nice to greet others with “Morning” “Lovely morning” or a cheery “Hello” sometimes there are no greetings, especially from people with buds in their ears blocking out natures song.

Went out Monday 9th April  to hear the cuckoo and Curlew, only heard the Curlew. Saw lambs having a stroll with their mam while I was having mine. I used to walk 6 to 10 miles non stop, not really observing my surroundings. Now I sit more and listen with a calm mind and belly. It’s wonderful to sink into yourself and swim with the tide of life and not against it.

Taraggan tadpoles 008.jpg

I have left some parts of the poetry world but not my written work and some open mic’s. After nearly 4 years I closed Poetry open mic and the Capel. I never realised how unhappy I was until I left. For the past 5 years the people pleaser in me pleased others with, Writing groups, Literature Festivals, walking groups and two poetry open mic’s, RARA Rhyme and Real Ale Cardiff, and the Capel poets, Bargoed. I work part-time and I am a writer and was worn out by it all.

However, the Capel Hotel, been bought by Rhymney Brewery and the lovely Claire Bennett as returned as land lady. I will open poetry open mic at the Capel but it will just be an open mic for people to share their poem, song or story. 

Today I embrace and enjoy the silence in my mind, I breathe in the quietness and feel healthy in every aspect. However, I will be organising a Lit and music event at TARAGGAN on Friday evening 20th July. Photo of TARAGGAN taken last year.

Summer gathering at TARAGGAN 052.jpg

Putting myself first was difficult for me, I felt uncomfortable yet I persevered and listened for the positive feeling deep inside. The ancient well of wisdom, that is in all of us called silence.

The poem In Beauty I wrote in 2006 has become a mantra to me.

In Beauty

In beauty may I walk

In time may I give

In thought may I have grace

In serenity may I embrace

In love may I give all.

Poem written by Julie Griffin Pritchard May 2006.

Living in the now, the real now without ego, negative thoughts or the political rhetoric of the day in your head.

(If those in power were more sage like and more positive in their thinking, there would be less destruction in the world.)

Breathe deep and become beautiful and remember it is the simple things in life that bring you happiness.


4 thoughts on “Spring is budding in the Rain”

  1. Hi Julie, I fully understand the difficult acceptance of “me time”, but now that I’ve fully embraced the idea, I couldn’t be more content. To walk the mountain trails in the early morning, Blackbird singing and the rivers gurgling as they rush by on their busy way. Simple things do it for me. Likewise, I prefer no company on my strolls, there’s enough idle chatter In everyday life. Enjoy your space and time, be blessed.

  2. Lovely poem Julie and so true. We don’t often take the time to just be. It is so important especially in this day and age when life whizzes by and the pressures upon us are high. You have your hills and I have my sea, both beautiful.

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