Walking with my Thoughts.

Winessing a sun set Feb 19th 2018 010

Dear reader,

Lately  I have captured some wonderful, spectacular sun rises and sun sets. I do like this high pressured cold, bitter windy weather.  My house faces east and west and from my window I have a wonderful view and can see for miles plus a sunrise and sun set. This mornings sky is pastel shades of blues, lilacs and pinks, a hazy horizon and a scattering of yellow, catkins, daffodils and  pussy willows. It looks just like  a summer’s day.

Then, I open the door and the smell of wood smoke fills my nostrils the North Easterly wind is biting, the bare black branches remind me it is still winter. I am going on a walk and I take the beauty of the desert, Syria with me and Eastern Ghouta and I feel a deep sadness. Then I think on ‘KFC’ (I have never been in a ‘KFC’ or ‘Macdonald’s’) Why some people were fuming, bordering on hysteria because ‘KFC’ had run out of chicken and had to close their doors, some adults phoned the police to ask why ‘KFC’ was not open. Inside of me I rage but my feet walk me away from the anger.  Regardless of age, sex, creed, or colour, something is missing in a lot of people. Inside all of us is an ancient  well, a deep well that is full of love, compassion, empathy and wisdom. Sadly some of these wells are blocked, contaminated or are closed and can never be open. Syria took part in a demonstration called the ‘Arab Spring’ the young and students stood up for their rights. The intellectual government who lacked wisdom did not approve and violently over reacted. The West including Russia looked on and rubbed their hands together and thought on  the essential commodity called GAS and who was going to have the monopoly on the GAS.

The ground beneath my feet is frozen, hard mud and deep animal prints are iced over. You can easily break an ankle or a leg on paths like this.  So I keep mind to feet.I hear the liquid sound of the Skylark, it is back and I see its helicopter performance and I happily sigh. In the distance a farmer feeding her pregnant sheep. Wild ponies huddle together. I have my binoculars with me and I spy two Kestrals in the sky and wish my eyes and nose would stop running.  Behind me I see a man with a dog as he draws near, I know it is ‘Doberman man’ with his dog. I have seen this man for many years and we often chat about this and that.  I still do not know his name but the dog is called Sam.

I am slowly leaving social media behind I do not feel comfortable with FB and the like and will eventually take the poetry open mic that I run for the past 4 years off FB. I hear unfamiliar sound, “titch titch”  take my binoculars and see a Corn bunting holding on to the swaying reeds, what joy and then the rogue ruddy red kite, it is such a majestic bird that I never tire of looking at.

Walking to work I noticed Hawthorn blossom, yet the Holly holds onto its berries. I had a fall while walking between my work. I fell while walking behind Llancaiach Fawr. Some  of the foot paths and right of ways in Caerphilly Borough need looking at and fixing, alas lack of fund do not allow this. I landed in mud and my right leg below my knee smacked a large thick branch that was embedded in the earth. I lay then for what seemed hours but was only seconds my leg screamed in pain. I swore and told myself to get up. I gingerly limped towards home. I swore and cursed some more and then my body began to shake and I felt nausea. I never fall and it really shook me up. The following day my throat was like a bag of rusty nails, my nose and eyes streamed, trying to distract me for my the pain and the massive swelling and huge bruise that was spreading down my right leg. I was truly unwell and very frustrated. Because on the weekend I should have gone on a CAG walk and a book reading event at Griffin bookshop in Penarth. On the Monday was the Poetry open mic that I run.  My body, mind and wisdom said cancel. I tried to contact our guest readers, one did not respond they other was already in my town. I made my way to the event, and not many turned up, some had commitments others were ill.  Because I foolishly did not listen to my mind, body and wisdom. I became very ill and could not go to work the rest of the week and being self-employed I lost a weeks wages. I see things like this as a teacher and I thought in future I must put myself first.

Good or bad we make the world with our own thoughts and sometimes we should take comfort in being quiet. Let our thoughts pulsate leave the past where it is and enjoy being in the now. Maybe intellectual people who are in power should have wisdom too. if not, there will be more Hitlers in power than good leaders who are sage like.


2 thoughts on “Walking with my Thoughts.”

  1. “Walking with my thoughts” thank you for sharing, I feel the cold morning and hear bird songs that you describe, and I weep for Syria, while the world stands idly by, except Russia, whose military might arm the Government forces. They need the oil, shame on them. I do hope you make a full and speedy recovery from your fall, I plan to catch a sunrise Monday morning, and will take a stroll up to Twmbarlwm and see how day breaks. Take care. x

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