Shortest day, Silence 2017


Dear reader,

20th December 4 40pm. Just got back from walking Gelligaer common and witnessing the sun setting on the shortest day. Silence is truly wonderful to listen too. I stopped by the kissing gate and saw the last rays of the downing sun. When I spied from the corner of my left eye, a robin bathing in a puddle. A black bird sang above and a bat flew over my head. I thought all bats hibernated???


Monday 18th December I walked the Ely trail, well part of the Ely trail. I left the car in Fairwater / Pentrebane. Caught the bus into town, called in a few book shops. I do enjoy bookshops, Ironmonger’s and garden centres. I am a bookolic and I bought several books.

I walked from the center of my old town Cardiff, towards the docks making my way towards Ferry road. Ferry road brought back memories of a date I had in the great Cardiff flood of 1979. Barry the DJ was taking me on a date in a speed boat (James Bond eat your heart out) To my favourite pub called the Red House. The Red House was demolished and replaced with a flyover and a pub with no history or character. I am a keen walker when I say keen. I mean hill walker, long distance walker, wilderness walker, but not a pavement, tarmac, raging, racing, road walker. 3 miles in I found the beginning of the Ely trail. Once I was on the trail I saw there were only pockets of the river  Ely, my Barry island without the waves.

 Natures sounds were drowned out by the Ely bypass. The Ely trail is designed  for cyclist not walkers. By the time I reached Waun Gron Parc, Fairwater. I had enough of the roaring traffic and though wearing good walking boots. My feet were playing a Black Sabbath tune and it was painful. From Fairwater the trail takes you where I played as a child. Birdies lane then the outskirts of  Plymouth woods onto St Fagans. When I was younger and for culture days out. I often nicked in St Fagans hide under the ancient bedding and would shout boo at the tourist.

It is that time of year, the insincere time of year. When some get into debt, buy stuff no one wants or needs. Where the cathedral shops open their doors and people come in droves to worship at the alters of merchandise. No one knows when the good, hebrew man, Jesus was born. But hey another money-making scheme designed to exploit the working classes. Thanks to Saul who later became Paul and the old Roman leader Constantine who saw Christianity as a political foothold for themselves. The wealthy landowning Germans, Saxe – Coburg- Gotha (later changed their name to Windsor) brought the tree, the cards and presents.

I enjoy the winter season, the changes in the light between dawn and twilight. Trees stare back, bare and ink black. The sky comes alive with its many colours and becomes the landscape.

The snow came the other week and I followed the fox and the silence was breathtaking what a life!!!!!


Wishing you a peaceful healthy new year.

Turn down the noise and hear yourself think.

Stay true to the real you and breathe deep and become beautiful.


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