At the end of the day is it about land and money?


Dear reader,

Walking this morning December 9th, on the first fall of real snow in the Rhymney Valley for many years at this time of the year. I left my house at 7 55am and walk the ice cake white and fruity brown path.

I look back and catch the sky on fire.


My boots make a soft crunching sound and I leave my foot prints behind.

I walk towards my open space beauty Gelligaer & Merthyr Common. The pools are still frozen and there is no bird sound.

I think on politics and the DUP, DUP has bitten the Tory hand that fed it a bribe during the last election. This is not new the DUP have always taken bribes for votes from the Tories. Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU and so did I but I live in Wales. Northern Ireland is part of Ireland and a sea away from the UK. It was divided by Churchill and that Welsh sneak of a man Lloyd George. It beggars belief that The DUP thought they could call the shots because their back pockets are full with money, while Wales and Scotland struggle financially. Arlene Foster is leader of the DUP not of Northern Ireland. It does not surprise me the way money can add distance from reality. Leader of the DUP, Arlene Foster lives in a very dangerous la la land. I am not going to go into the history of Ireland, people who know me know I am supporter of a united Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is already in the EU. And for democracy sake maybe Arlene might want to think on what the people of Northern Ireland actually voted for. They voted to remain in the EU.  instead of instilling fear giving the press shite news to broadcast and write about. The stories of going back to the old ways the border lines that did nothing for both sides of Ireland. Sometimes its more than land and money. Sometimes its about humanity and the politicians doing the people’s bidding and not their own.

As I walk I come across fox foot prints and in the distance a flock of Starlings sitting on the wire of anticipation. I follow the foxes prints. I have seen a vixen with her young, in the summer just gone I saw foxes playing and they often walk across the green in front of my house in the early hours. I do like the musky scent of the fox too.

It is that time of year again where some go mad, in a frenzy to get into debt and shop until they drop. Know one knows when the good man Jesus was born. The Christmas tree came from the wealthy German landowners Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.  So did the christmas card and presents. (They changed their names to Windsor after the First World War. The War that ended bugger all) All this nonsense is designed to control the masses. Religion should be a personal choice and taken out of schools and left at home. Religion should be replaced with Philosophy, teach children as young as five to debate. All my schooling was faith-based Roman Catholic, all caustic Catholicism taught me was guilt. Why can’t people believe in themselves and not in icons. Why can’t they find inner peace instead of finding safety in judgemental numbers. We all have a god inside of us and the trinity is in us called body, mind and soul. Compassion, love and empathy should be in us all.

I see a flock of Canada geese and I stop and there before me the red kite. What a teacher  this bird is for me. The bird teaches me to stand still and become awe-struck.


In the land of milk and honey Jews and Arabs lived side by side peacefully for centuries. Why can’t this happen today?  Is it money and land? People can not strive and thrive without humanity compassion and empathy. No land can grow on radical religion and you cannot create happiness on greed. You certainly cannot take your money with you.

Gaza, Syria, Iraq, parts of Africa is about money and owning essential commodities. Like gas, oil, water. However, those who are in power, disguise it and call it land and religion.

Beautiful jackdaws give me a display four times a day

I stand still in utter silence and feel the north wind on my face. I see farmer John rounding up sheep and I spy a rainbow in the reeds.

I follow my breath and see the marks of snow on my favourite tree.


On the 20th December I will walk onto my open space beauty to witness the sunset on the shortest day. Embrace nature and fill my heart with compassion empathy and love.

The world is a bridge walk across but do not build any house on it.

Wishing you all a peaceful & healthy 2018




7 thoughts on “At the end of the day is it about land and money?”

  1. Beautiful account of the magic of winter in the true spirit of nature. Political and Religious content should prompt a thought from even the most mind numbed. I’m also inspired to walk out for sunrise on the Winter Solstice . Thank you for sharing. Seasons Greetings to you.

  2. I enjoyed reading this, Julie. Can I meet with you in the new year to take some photographs of you for my project? Safe and happy Christmas returns also. Check out my blog. – Rhys (former Rural News Wales camera and editor)

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