Auburn is the colour of Autumn


Dear reader,

I do not own ear buds, a laptop, iPad or a kindle. I have noticed when I am out walking, people with their ears jammed in with ear buds. I smile say hello, no response. I see bus drivers, taxi drivers, cyclist and shoppers wearing ear buds.  I like to hear voices, laughter and even a good moaner. Most of all I enjoy the sounds of nature, the wind, leaves rustling, rivers flowing, bird song. I often see and hear the speckled song thrushes, greenwood peckers, long-tailed tits, bullfinches, black birds, lesser spotted woodpecker and the robin. Not only the beautiful sounds but these birds add colour to the bareness of the trees.

Only this morning I saw the Raven a beautiful bird, I watched a buzzard soar then heard its call and the daws cawed too.  Watched two magpies harass a crow. Rabbit jumped out and jumped back. More dogs now then ever and MORE DOG POO BAGS DISCARDED SOMETIME HANGING FROM TREES. DOG OWNERS WHO BEHAVE LIKE THIS SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED!!!!

I do like an evening walk

I walked out to witness the sun setting, a flock of starlings gave me a wonderful display. Raven cawed above and outstretched its wings. The cold air stung my cheeks and made my eyes water. I really enjoy evening walks, the scent of the damp earth, shadows and light. The birds going home to roost and sometimes I see the fox. Bats have gone now, I will see them again in the new year along with the swifts, swallows and the cuckoo.

I watched the documentary  ‘Bobby Sands : 66 Days’ Bobby Sands was born on the 9th March 1954. Bobby went on hunger strike on my twentieth birthday March 1st 1981. He died 5th May 1981. He achieved many things as a political prisoner at  H- Block. A writer, an MP standing for the Anti H-Block and was the youngest MP. Sadly he never took his seat. He was also a poet, a raw real rip your heart out poet and to me a very courageous man.

Quotes by Bobby Sands

 “Things must come to pass as one
so hope should never die
there is no height or bloody might
that a freeman can’t defy.
There is no source or foreign force
can break one man who knows,
that his free will nothing can kill
And from that freedom grows”

Quotes “Our revenge will be the laughter in our children”

“They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishmen who doesn’t want to be broken”

The poem The Rhythm of Time  had a profound effect on me.

From his collection titled Prison Poems Haunting Whistling Winds

I have written a novel unpublished, titled “Forbidden Love”. I cover Ireland and Wales over a hundred years. The novel is about  love during the Anglo-Irish War / War of Independence. I write on the social and political history of Ireland and Wales. 1870’s to 1971.

Photo of my grandparents, Maggie and Dick, this photo will be the front cover of the novel. Novel will be published May 2021

First time for everything

While following the river Rhymney I caught the electric blue wing of a Kingfisher. This was my  first Kingfisher on the river Rhymney. I have seen the Kingfisher on the river Taff many times but in my own back yard was special. Later I stood stupefied, watched my first willow tit pour joy, it is always the simple things in life.

Walked out to a sun rise and the frost, followed the moon, while the sun warmed my back.

Caught a rainbow on my healing garden sun rays glinted on the underbelly of a red kite, reflecting auburn. Liquid sound of the skylark warmed my soul.

Pink shell sky

Downside of walking is not the weather it is rubbish being dumped.

I am a keen walker and yes I often come across dumped rubbish mostly dumped by  the lazy builder, plumber and painter decorator and the car bootie people. Yes I have written blogs on this subject, phoned, emailed, CCBC and their response was good. However, the day I spoke to council workers (who’s job it was to take the dumped rubbish) in person, was a dreadful moment for me. I was called a mental case, loony and care in the community. Yes I complained about this abuse too. But if everyone complained then maybe something can be done. I am self-employed and I know that if the builder, Plummer, painter decorator, used the proper services (Refuges) they can claim their money back from the tax man!!! As for the car bootie’s who dump their rubbish shame on you!!!!

Be careful where you put your time.

Take time to listen to sea-shore of your breathing you may find waves of calmness.

Be mindful not mind full.

At the end of the day we all want to be understood.

Always remember racism is the disease of the ignorant.

2 thoughts on “Auburn is the colour of Autumn”

  1. Another descriptive walk in our beautiful landscape, I can picture the birds and sky as I read. Bobby Sands, a hero in any land, but not in a country where the Propaganda is spewed out daily, even now. Ours is to live in harmony, as one with Nature, and each other. We are all related. Thanks for sharing.

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