Amroth, frost, robin and beautiful people.

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Dear reader,

John and I love West Wales and often visit this beautiful area.

We both like Amroth. Amroth is sandwiched between Pendine sands and Wiseman’s bridge across the way is Saundersfoot and Tenby. You have views of Caldy Island and the beautiful Lundy Island. I have visited Lundy many times but that is another story.

Amroth was like a summer’s day, enough blue sky to make granddad a shirt. The view from where we stayed was breath-taking.

Downside of Amroth beach, dog walkers are allowed on the beach from 30th September until May. The beach was awash with dog walkers, many dogs were off the lead. Three  times I was attacked. One stupid dog owner, threw a ball from a plastic object (The object is designed to make dog walkers lazy) the ball landed on the side of my head, while the dog went for my ankles. I walked away gracefully but under my breath I swore many times. DOG MUST BE ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES!!!!!! Simple statement. Rant out the way.

We walked to the New Inn the other end of Amroth. The food was good. The real ale called “Summer Rock” Blue Stone was brewed in Newport, Pembrokeshire and John enjoyed. Their house white wine was not good. We walked back in the dark, with only the moon and stars for company. It was a beautiful walk back, bats came out and we heard the owl.

Photo of the sun setting over Saundersfoot.


The following day we did a circular walk, included coastal path, river walk and a lane. I do like lane walking. We walked up the zig zag steps and made our way to Wiseman’s Bridge. Walked up the Peaceful Valley, to Stepaside through a lane that lead to Summer hill. We found a farm called Ambridge we both like “The Archers” and back to Armorth.


The following day we decided to catch the bus to Tenby and go on a boat trip to Caldy Island. I was up early as always, to catch the sun rising and scouted for bus times. Beautiful sun rise, Lundy is to the right.

At the one bus stop, was the one and only person going to school. I spoke to the young school boy, who was sat inside the bus shelter and in front of the bus time-table (I had forgotten my glasses) I  asked the lad for the bus time to Tenby. 9 23am he replied. I thanked him and made way. We were at the bus stop 9 10am. 9 30am no bus but we saw a bus coming the opposite way. I stopped the bus and asked the driver was he our bus. He replied no unless you want to go to Pendine Sands. I said the bus time-table states 9 23am. He replied the bus time-table was 2 years out of date. Red faced, opened mouth and speechless. The only school person from Amroth to use the bus was oblivious too and why not. His 7 40am school bus was always on time.

Bus arrived 9 50am. The bus driver was rude, opinionated and racists anyone who came from outside Pembrokeshire was a foreigner. I love people like him!! Racism is the disease of the ignorant.

At Tenby we made our way to the dock and a boat trip to Caldy. The boat to Caldy would not be sailing until October 23rd. We could have gone on a boat trip around Caldy, costing £24 for two. We declined. I love islands and I wanted to get the feel of Caldy beneath our feet, not see it from a distance.


We walked on to the beach, Caldy lying on its back lonely. Off into the town, these very old Tudor buildings fascinate me. We stopped for fish and chips in the best fish and ship shop in Tenby since 1935. Fecci’s. While at bus station I called at the tourist information centre. I told the lovely helpful woman about the bus time-table being two years out of date. Dear reader, some of you know I am a lone walker and I go on very long walks. To me, a bus time-table 2 years out of date says a lot about the place and to me it is paramount that you know your song before you sing it. ie time tables are correct. The woman in the tourist information was astounded. straight away she was on the case and phoned Pembrokeshire Council. I like women like her. Bus arrived with the same driver. I told him I passed the information to Tourist information centre. Strange he was not happy, then there is nowt queer than some folk.

That evening we went out to watch the Wales & Ireland football match. At the spit and sawdust Temple Bar. Wales chance to qualify for the world cup. The last time was sixty years ago. I have a Welsh heart but an old Irish soul. However I supported Wales. We played terrible, we just did not turn up. Ireland were hungry for a win and yes some of their football was ugly but the desire to win was stronger than ours. Being in a pub we have never been before, I tried to keep my passion at bay, alas my Irish soul, took over and I shouted at Arron Ramsay. “Ramsay you wouldn’t play like that for Arsenal!!!” The pub all looked at me. Well football is a passionate game. Ireland deserved to win. Lets hope Wales does not have to wait, another sixty years.

Following day weather was not good, but hey I am not a fair weather walker. I went out and scouted for a different walk. Colby wood what a beautiful place. I found a lovely circular but John would have had difficulty walking. So I walked alone. He was fine, he had his books and was very happy to be at the cottage, with the great view. Later we walked the back of Amroth.



The cottage had a conservatory with amazing views and we spent the afternoon reading and glancing at the views. What bliss, How many times do we sit and just be.?As I glanced up a Hobby breathed in the garden and breathed out again what a sight.

We were walking to Pendine sands and the weather was not good, high winds, lashing down with rain. We wore the proper gear but it was futile. So we called in the New Inn and John enjoyed a couple of pints of real ale “Summer Rock” I had a pot of tea and people watched. I have walked the Pembrokeshire coastal path in long bits and bobs and John has walked some of the coast too. The coast of Pembrokeshire will be my next long walk.

I was up early and the weather was very cold, freezing in fact. I caught the first frost of the autumn.


Later that morning John and I walked Colby wood. The sun was up and the frost had cleared. The trees were in their autumn best.

We walked round the walled garden at Colby. unusual plants, a fig tree and a robin befriended us.

After a cream scone tea, coffee for me. We walked back. John hunted for fossils and I watched the waves. See the fossil in the large rock, it was far to heavy for us to take it home. Look at the light I captured in the waves priceless.

Later that evening we had a delicious 3 course meal in the Amroth Arms. We had a wonderful waiter called Jack. Despite Jack being shy, he served us well. I found out later Jack worked with Rhinos in the local zoo and the other waitress worked with lions at the same zoo. You never know who you are going to meet along life’s journey, where possible greet everyone with a smile.

Never wish anyone harm, keep your own counsel. If anger does rise, take the anger on a walk, a bike ride or a run. Never allow anger or spite to rule your heart and mind.

4 thoughts on “Amroth, frost, robin and beautiful people.”

  1. A beautifully written account Julie, I didn’t get to Pembrokeshire this year, but its only October. Thanks for sharing.

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