Capturing autumn colours & walking with my thoughts.

My favourite season is autumn. The smells, colours and the tilt in the sunsets and sunrises and a harvest moon.

While walking early one morning, I came across a fairy ring, Tylwyth Teg. Entrance to the other world and where fairy folk live.


Walking to work through the back lanes of Maes -Y -Cwmmer the river Rhymney flowed.

Walking to work, Images I captured back of Ystrad Mynach

The earth sinks to a lemon and silver  sun, rises and tilts to a dramatic setting sun


A path dotted with leaves, a lesser spotted wood pecker flew out and made me jump. I think on the many birds & wild animals I have encountered over the years. The Dog Otter I saved, from being mauled by a rock weiler, on Little Haven Beach, Pembrokeshire. While walking the last part of Offa’s Dyke, with my old walking friend Jennifer Franklyn. We spied an Otter swimming in the river Wye. Later, a shy Fallow deer peeped out and quickly ran off. The Hare I saw off Lavenock Point. Two golden Eagles floated above me as I walked through Glenveagh National park, Donegal, Ireland. Walking the Caerphilly Boar walk with my dear friend Keith Fairhall, we heard and saw a Night jar on top Mynyddislwyn. The Adder I nearly picked up off the Llyn Pensular. John’s wise hand stopped me.  Electric blue wing of the Kingfisher. Two tawny owls sat on a fence at midnight. The bats in abundance outside our home.  The Puffins on Skoma Island with John, Michelle and Ron. The Vixen with her young on the Cwm Darran trail. We stood and stared at each other. The evening walk when I saw two foxes playing in on Gelligaer Common. Dear reader, all the above I encountered with the naked eye not a camara insight.

PS anyone who thinks hunting is okay please read the book “Tarka the Otter” by Henry Williamson.

This morning Sunday 15th October out walking,  a flock of Red wings sitting on telegraph wire. My first thoughts were they swifts or swallows. Far to big to be either. I drew near, yes red wings. A crow being harassed by two magpies. The crow dipped and swiftly did a back flip. Golden beech tree caught my eye. I stopped and stared and out flew three Red Kites they gave me a beautiful display.

Monday 2nd of October I heard today Tom Petty died. I liked Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Tom was popular during my late teenage years. I also liked the Travelling Wilburys. George Harrison, poet in my heart Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne (ELO) and Tom Petty. Great band, with the worlds best singer Roy Orbison and the worlds best lyricist Bob Dylan. George Harrison and Tom Petty added their greatness. Very talented Jeff Lynne world-class producer. On Tuesday evening John and I held a wake in Tom Petty’s honour. We played Travelling Wilburys DVD and Cd and we danced in our kitchen. The moon came out and shone down. I hope your astral light is shining bright Tom Petty.

Walking through Bargoed Country Park, the only park with a train station in the middle. I think on the shootings in America. One man with a massive cachet of fire arms. No good man or woman, would want to own a gun. Laws need to be changed in (the land of the free my arse) America

I communicated with a buzzard he squawked and so did I. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and green woodpecker, blue tits, skylarks. What a morning then the dam sang a lament

Fruits of autumn.


Walking in my local park and where Bargoed Rugby team play their home games.

In times of difficulty take refuge in compassion and truth. Never wish anyone badness and never allow anyone to walk through your mind with their dirty feet. Remember love conquers all.


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