Reading Poetry at my Kitchen Table


Dear reader,

For the past four years, on my kitchen table sits a collection of poems by past and present poets called “Poems for the Day”  I read this collection daily. This mornings poem was John Clare’s poem “I Am” John Clare’s poetry describes nature in a truly beautiful way.  Today Thursday 13th July happens to be John Clare’s birth day.

Since January this year. I have branched out to reading other poets as well as “Poems for the day” Some of the poets I have mentioned here, have performed at the open mic that I run for the past 3 years called. “Poetry Open Mic at the Capel”

Mary Oliver’s collection called “A Thousand Mornings” By Penguin books. A wonderful collection of her thoughts in poetry. Her poem “Goodbye Fox” Stayed with me all day. Mary Oliver poetry is so serene, liken to a river on a summer’s day. This collection flowed into my soul.

I bought “Words from the Garden” By Summersdale publishers.  In a second-hand shop in Penarth. It is a flowery collection of words from writers of many genres. Charlotte Bronte,  Henri Frederic Amiel, Edward Thomas, Joyce Kilmer, Christina Rossetti, Victor Hugo and many others. This collection took me from my wild wilderness walks, to cultivation in words.

“The Aspirations of Poverty”  By Poet and playwright Patrick Jones. Published by Red Poets. I have seen Patrick read and perform many times. He is a very passionate writer and performer. His plays are very good too. This collection of  poetry  is full of political compassion for the under dog.  Words of reality explode in your face, that make you sit up and think. To the tender poem “Shoes Beneath the hospital Bed” No matter how many times I have read this poem it still makes me cry.

 Writer and poet Alun Lewis. “Ha! Ha! Among the Trumpets” By George Allen and Unwin Ltd. This collection was published in 1945.  This collection gave me an insight into my grandfather.  Who was in the same regiment as Alun Lewis and was in Burma the same time. The poem “Embarkation” Gave me an insight of what my grandfather might have seen and how he might have felt. This beautiful collection I can pick up at any time and be transported into  his Aberdare, India and Burma. I really enjoy Alun Lewis’s writing from his book “Morlais” to all his poetry. 

Scottish poet and sailor, Ian Stephen collection called “Maritime” By Saraband. Ian Stephen came to me, from wonderful nature writer Robert MacFarlane. Ian’s poetry gave me back my nautical ancestors. With his raw, broken, sea saw words. I liked most of his poetry but “Scarp Island” stayed with me the longest.

 Claire Williamson “Split Ends” By  Eyewear Aviator. I have heard Claire read many times. “Split Ends” Was so profoundly beautiful, words so tender. I enjoyed all Claire’s poems in “Split Ends” but the poem “The Reading Seat” Made me cry and is still with me a week later.

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