My old stomping ground Penarth


My od stomping ground Penarth 020.jpg

Dear reader,

My mother’s family were old Penarthians  But I grew up and went to school in Ely, Cardiff. Later I moved to Penarth in the days when I could burn the candle at both ends.

Parked the car in the shade at Cosmeston lakes. The car park was fill with TV crews from the program “Casualty”  I am so glad that I do not watch TV, prefer the radio instead. Weather was proper British summer, some sun shine with a keen wind. Good walking weather. Walked onto the duck boards past the man-made lake that was once a quarry and when I was young and foolish I used to swim in.


My od stomping ground Penarth 004.jpg

Through a small glade found these two delightful squirrels.

My od stomping ground Penarth 002.jpg

Up the very wide path and cycling track. Where I heard the laughter and giggling voices of school children. They were having  lessons about the natural world.

My od stomping ground Penarth 006.jpg

Over a grass meadow which led to Cogan woods.

My od stomping ground Penarth 007.jpg My great-grandfather Mowie Cheeseman was a bookies runner in Cogan.

My od stomping ground Penarth 009.jpg

Cooling shade, so I forest bathed and bird sound floated off the trees.

My od stomping ground Penarth 010.jpg Making my way out of Cosmeston to the dangerous busy, Lavenock road. Up Ford road, along this B road in the field to my left. I saw my first ever Hare in 1991. I have never seen a Hare since. Under the old Cardiff to St Mary’s Well Bay Railway line. Where I spent many a happy time as a child in the 1960’s.

My od stomping ground Penarth 012 Past Lavenock nature reserve toward where Marconi made his first radio signal.

My od stomping ground Penarth 013.jpg

To Lavenock point. Weather had warmed up a lot but was not as hot as last week, thank goodness. Flat Holm in the distance.

My od stomping ground Penarth 019.jpg I use to cycle this path in the 80’s not allowed now. They now call this walk Vale Trails and Welsh Coastal path.

Sat outside Cosmeston Lake Cafe where I met a bloke who knew my father’s family from Ely.My od stomping ground Penarth 025.jpg Walked just over 4 miles but the beauty of this walk is you can lengthen the walk. But most of all I used to love walking this walk with my dear friend now sister in law Brenda. I remember the time we picked cherries and blackberries.



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