9 mile walk on Wednesday June 21st (midsummer’s eve)

Midsummers eve June 21st 2017 015.jpg

Dear Reader,

For the past 6 days the weather in South East Wales has been hot very hot. Closed all the blinds in my house, so my house was cool like a fridge. But I needed to be out walking, to train for Hadrian’s wall walk.

18 10pm I left my house wearing walking shorts, a light summer top and my new leather boots. Smothered in sun cream carrying water, apple and a man’s handkerchief. I prefer a man size handkerchief to tissues and sometimes a small flannel is good too.

I am a true Celt, Welsh, Cornish and Irish what a mixture. I can cry, laugh, sing in one hour very passionate person. I am also Celt in colour  and I do not like heat!!!!

On to my common. I hear the earth as it cries for water. large empty sky except for a Sparrow hawk. Down onto the Valley floor, to a canopy of light and shade.

Mosquitoes are out and the midges and I am easy prey. Man size handkerchief is now my protection. As I whip myself back and fore. Dog walkers look puzzled as I sail past. Like an over zealous, religious fanatic, who is using flagellation for punishment. But I am a Celtic pagan who wants to witness the sunset on the longest day. Instead I am a gourmet meal for these blinking flies.

I can not stand still for to long to take photos. I can just about unscrew my water bottle, quickly take sip and carry on moving and waving my white hankie. Up the side of Deri mountain and I hear the Curlew this calms my nerves.  I am at the top pf my wild wilderness. Look towards Bedlinog. I have recently found out that a Welsh Bard named Edward Richard Ingram lived in Bedlinog. This Bard had won the Bardic chair 4 times.

I am now hot and worn out, from waving my arms about and my legs are covered in red prickly  heat and bites. Hair stuck up I look like a woman possessed but the hazy sky and sun gave me hope to carry on.

Halfway round, I now know it was stupid of me to go out walking in this heat but it is 8 48pm in the evening and it is like midday.


Past St Gwladys cross and where Bards and sages once walked. I think on religion I was raised and schooled a Catholic. Today I am of no faith. I really think religion should not be taught in school. Religion should be replaced by debate and philosophy. To me religion is a personal thing and should remain at home.

Back to the here and now I sigh to the noise of off-road bikes and think on peace. I am a humanist I believe in peace instead of war. What is wrong with sitting round a table with your enemy discussing peace not just deserts.  I do not like the word anti either I like pro more. So much religious rhetoric and hate has been used as a weapon for war for century’s and ask myself how come no one waged a war of peace. I would like to join a pro peace army. Spreading love, showing empathy and compassion, instilling fairness and reminders of.  It is everyone’s world no one owns it we are all passing through.


Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death. Can erase our good deeds.


2 thoughts on “9 mile walk on Wednesday June 21st (midsummer’s eve)”

  1. Sounds like a hot and thirsty walk, hurt by bites, heat and Flagellation. I share much of your religious views, having been brough up a Catholic in the 50’s. Spirituality is more in tune with my thoughts. Good to read your accounts, so keep blogging, keep walking

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