We are all passing through

5 40am 6 mile walk 002

Dear Reader,

I awoke to the sound of a splendid dawn chorus. looked out my bedroom window,  saw Venus, a finger nail moon and a golden horizon. 5 09am I quickly dressed, grabbed an apple and opened the door to nature. Walked to my open space beauty and found a new calf with its Mam.

The scent of the fresh morning dew filled my senses and the liquid sound of the sky lark filled my soul.

Sky was baby blue not a cloud to be seen. Sun warmed my back and cast my shadow before me. Walked onto the old Roman road and where the wild ponies and horses were and this beauty came to greeted me.


In the distance the cuckoo cuckoos, rabbits were scurrying about and the midges were out and I was their breakfast. Dear reader, in this glorious weather I cannot venture out after 11am because of my Celtic skin and the midges. Yet at 5 50am the midges were up before me and the sun was very warm.

Onto the old Deri road, I leave the song of the skylark behind. To  be greeted by the song of the blackbird, robin and thrush and cooing from nervous wood-pigeons. Spied a long-tail tit, watched a buzzard swoop to a nose of something below.

Reeds glinting in a golden halo and silver threads of grasses.

In the field opposite I saw an old railway carriage gone to rack and ruin. It reminded me of the wonderful writer on nature Roger Deakin. In his book “Wildwood A Journey through Trees” He wrote a lovely piece on a railway carriage that he owned and restored, at Walnut Tree Farm. Sadly Roger Deakin past away in 2006.


Looked back to where I walked earlier.

Into a dappled lane where I lane bathed, it was so refreshing. Breathed in the scent of the dog rose and the beautiful colour of the foxglove made me smile.


Down past the dam and the echo call of the cuckoo. I do like reflections.


To my secret mystical, misty with cobwebs meadow. On my walk this morning I walked through many cobwebs but this was something else.

I stopped to watch cream and lilac butterflies fly by. The colour and the perfume of this beautiful place never ceases to amaze me and always takes my breath away. Especially the mash orchid and the red grasses.


I think on death and how I would like my ashes scattered in this glorious meadow. When I am out with nature I am more aware that we are only passing through, we are not rooted like trees, we are passing through. With this in mind you become more compassionate towards others and empathy shines from your soul. Try and make your intentions good ones, never judge others until you are willing to look at yourself first and with deluded people keep your own council.


Up above Caradoc bridge and where I found a lamb woken my me.


I say to the lamb.Please do not be alarmed I am only passing through.

The walk I did this morning I will be leading on.

Saturday 1st July.

Meet 10am

at Bargoed community centre,

CF81 8QD

The walk is called Landscape walk for poets and artists. There is a small charge of £3 but this will include a drink, cake and memorable day.

Remember we are only passing through and all that we own are our thoughts and good intentions.



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